Thursday, September 8, 2016

25 Disturbing Coloring Book Corruptions


1. What a nice little sn...Oh no.

2. That's a whole lot of nope coming out of its butt.

3. So this is what meeting extraterrestrials would be like. It's effing frightening. 

4. We all knew that one kid who probably ended up being a serial killer.

5. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the tiger eats his luuuunch.

6. If you've ever wanted to see what a satanic worm looked like, now you have.

7. Breaking Bad Baby Einstein style.

8. Damn it, Cujo.

9. What a morbid imagination.

10. It's obviously piranha season.

11. Hamm's face says it all and it's quite disturbing.

12. Well, now he's called a Septopus?

13. I knew Minnie and Mickey secretly despised each other after years of being together.

14. This is what happens when a fox enters a chicken coop.

15. My childhood is ruined, how's yours?

16. This is a cat. This is a cat on drugs.

17. Not Pluto :'(

18. Dora the illegal explorer.

19. Putting eyebrows on things really makes them scarier than they are.

20. Just monkeying around.

21. The stork ain't so sweet now.

22. Mickey Mouse is just evil as hell.

23. I never liked Gaston anyway.

24. Mrs. Walter White.

25. No-Hands Elmo.


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