Sunday, September 25, 2016

6 Crazy Things That Have Washed Ashore

The oceans of the world are such massive and mysterious places. They make up the majority of the Earth, yet they're not very well understood. For the most part, we don't even know what most of the oceans look like, let alone what's actually swimming around down there. What makes it particularly terrifying is how helpless we are underwater. We're not meant to breathe down there, not to mention the fact that even the fastest swimmer is slow in comparison to predatory fish. That's why it's particularly scary/weird when massive or unknown things wash ashore while we're enjoying ourselves on the beaches.

With how big the ocean is, it's no wonder that weird things can wash ashore.

1. Yum, whale vomit that's potentially worth ~$85,000. How and why?

2. Giant Lego people have washed ashore. Why and how?

3. A really creepy fish skeleton. What is that on its mouth?

4. A giant eye just randomly washed ashore in Florida and no one could guess what it was. They eventually found out it was a swordfish eye.

5. This fish that clearly swam from the depths of Hell.

6. Shoes with feet still in them washed ashore. This is one of the shoes, though the foot wasn't in it (thankfully).


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