Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mom Gets Criticized For Teaching Son About Housework

As parents, there are so many things we have to consider all the time while we're raising our kids. And there's no shortage of studies and research and people's opinions to get completely lost in. 

If we give them too much attention will they turn out to be needy and useless? If we don't give them enough attention will they turn out to be psychopaths? How young is too young to teach your kids about respect and consent?

One mom has been giving her six-year-old chores (why haven't I thought of that?) to teach him a very valuable lesson.

Meet Nikkole Paulun.

She's a 23-year-old mother of two from Michigan who is best known for having been on 16 and Pregnant.

Recently, she posted something on Facebook that went viral.

In her post, she explained that she teaches her son, Lyle, to do basic housework and chores.

She received nearly 150,000 likes and almost 60,000 shares.

And most comments have either been positive or asking about her parenting philosophy. But not all...

Taking down gender stereotypes isn't what's got people riled up.

People are accusing her of treating her children like slaves.

Others are taking her side.

With some posting pictures of their own kids doing chores.

But the backlash isn't surprising.

When is the last time random internet strangers felt they didn't need to have a say in the way we raise our children?

It's not as though they're always cleaning.

Nikkole's Facebook is filled with pictures of her family cutting loose and spending time together.

In fact, she even commented on her own post with a picture of Lyle relaxing.

She said, "he relaxes after his chores with some video games," which I think is something most people don't allow of slaves.

He definitely gets lots of love.

But she's not coddling. She's raising future adults who will understand that things need doing and while there's a time for fun, there's also a time for working hard and being responsible. It's a good mix.

She wants to make sure that he knows housework isn't just for women.

Because "a man who believes he shouldn't have to cook or do chores was once a boy who was never taught any better." And being able to cook and do chores is not a bad thing to know. With gender equality on the rise and more women working, it's important that men have the skills to help out at home.

She isn't apologizing for the way she raises her family.

Specifically, how she raises her son. She doesn't treat him like a little boy — she treats him like a little man.

And she shouldn't have to explain her parenting choices. She's his mom.

What she does explain is the struggles of being a teenage mother and what's expected of her as her children's sole caregiver.

Is it wrong to expect your kid to help out a little?

How young is too young to contribute? COMMENTand let us know what you think!


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