Monday, September 12, 2016

Prison Officer Has An Amazing Voice

“Listen to the song here in my heart…I'm screaming out, and my dreams will be heard…I'm more than what you made of me.”

These are the words prison officer Sam Bailey passionately sang as she covered Beyonce’s “Listen” during a shocking X Factor audition.

The 36-year-old mother of two was initially hesitant about the audition process, wondering if her age or appearance would hurt her chances of success. “I think I’m a bit too old for it all now, but I can least try,” Sam said to her husband before the audition.

Usually singing during work hours at the prison, Sam took a risk and decided to audition for the popular TV show.

What occurred at the audition was absolutely incredible, and her bravery to “at least try” turned out to be well worth it…

The prison officer walked to center stage, explaining to the judges that her dream was to sing but that she was in fact “a bit nervous.”

Her husband anxiously watched from outside the room, viewing his wife on a television screen as she began her audition for the four judges. Sam chose a difficult song to tackle for her audition, one that would require her to accurately hit both high and low notes while providing the vocal support needed to belt out many challenging sections.

However, when Sam opened her mouth, she proved she could definitely do the famous song justice, leaving all the judges and spectators in complete shock.

She passionately belted out the powerful lyrics, hitting each note with excellence and surpassing the judges' initial expectations. All four judges rose to their feet following the performance, expressing their awe and astonishment as they applauded Sam's audition. “Sam, where did that voice come from. I wasn’t expecting that at all,” one judge said. “Your voice is incredible...well done” said another, leaving Sam on the verge of tears as she basked in her emotional performance.

“Everything goes away when I sing. The stresses of work, the stresses of my kids. I can be someone else completely,” Sam said.

Sam shows that no matter our background, appearance, age, or occupation, it’s never too late to try.

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