Friday, September 16, 2016

These Pets Might Look Cute, But They're Clearly Plotting Their Revenge Against The Hoomens

We all love our pets. They provide us with real companionship and care at the best of times, though when you look at them at the right angle or moment, there may be something eviler going on in their cute little heads.
One moment, your dog will snuggle all cute and stuff in your lap like no one is the wiser, and at another moment they'll tear up a pillow and throw you some shady cut-eye like it's your fault. Don't even get me started on cats. I think they're evil most of the time.
Don't take my word for it, here's a collection of pets who fuel the nightmares of their parents and their friends who visit.

The four-legged role model.

Looks innocent enough, but your dog is just trying to get to you through your son. The long con as demonstrated through unsanitary eating practices.

Just look at that face!

What's that boy? The cat bored that hole in the wall? Gosh darn, I have to believe him.

Dynamic evil duo.

When your buddy and their dog look like the next Bond villain. That mustache certainly doesn't help. 

A mother's love is blind.

Poor girl, doesn't realize the terror this pup is planning behind that demented smile. She better open at least one of those eyes.

This puppy was sent from the future.

Ah, the canine unit of the terminators. Who knew Skynet had a kennel?

Don't forget about the felines.

Seems dogs weren't the only domestic animals Skynetproduced. Mirrors have a way of exposing the true nature of people, or satanic cats.

This is the look of pure evil.

You've seen it before, usually at the corner of your eye while you're looking at your phone screen in the dark. Just try to avoid all eye contact and make sure to sacrifice a small animal to please the dark lord.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Never found the appeal of these hairless cats. Where one might find them adorable, I just see an old, grumpy man.

"Don't you step any closer, I swear I'll do it."

Dog: "Just listen to his demands, for the love of God." Cat: "You think this is a game, fam?"

When the fear gets real.

There's nowhere to hide when kitty is waiting for a good moment to pounce. Time to get a dog for self-defense.

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