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Maddie Ziegler From The Sia Videos Looks Completely Different As A Teen

Maddie Ziegler From The Sia Videos Looks Completely Different As A Teen

Maddie Ziegler went from reality TV dancer, to a Hollywood star overnight. She's just 14 years old but already has her career all laid out for her. It's well deserved though, this girl has some serious dance skills that are hard to find in such a young dancer. Maybe it has something to do with working under her tyrant dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. She's now a teenager and has grown into a lovely young woman with so much potential. We can't wait to see what she does next! 

Maddie had been dancing with the Abby Lee Dance Company since she was two years old, and appeared on the show Dance Moms, which revolved around the dance company and all the drama that went along with it. 

She got her first big break when she appeared in Sia's "Chandelier" music video at 11 years old. 

The video was insanely successful, and so she went on to star in Sia's "Elastic Heart" music video. 

She appeared alongside Shia LaBeouf, although the video was met with a lot of criticism because of the alarming age gap between the two.

As her popularity was steadily increasing, she got to meet some of her favorite celebs like Miley Cyrus...

And Taylor Swift, among MANY other stars. What 12 year old wouldn't have been psyched?

She continued to appear in Sia's music videos, rocking the usual blunt wig and nude body suit. 

At 14 years old, Maddie has also pursued her acting career, appearing in Austin & Ally, Pretty Little Liars, and many other projects. 

She's done a great job of staying out of trouble and focusing on her work. Career goals much?

Her recent projects include being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, and will appear in a film written and directed by Sia, titled, Sister.

This girl is only getting started and we're excited to see more of her, that's for sure!

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Feel Like A Kid Again With These Giant Building Blocks

Feel Like A Kid Again With These Giant Building Blocks

There is a time in childhood where a box of Legos is imagination personified, but at some point in growing up they shift from tons of fun to "kid stuff," then finally to "weapons of foot destruction." 

But don't we all secretly still want to play with Legos? Well, now you can play with blocks and have it be for a valid "adult" reason: home decorating and design! 

Tell us in the COMMENTSwhat you would use them for!

These giant building blocks from EverBlock Systems will totally bring out the kid in you, while also allowing you to change the layout of your home cheaply and easily. 

At their most basic, they can easily divide a large room into multiple smaller spaces, both for privacy and function. 

You don't have to limit yourself to walls, though. The blocks can become tables, shelves, counters, or whatever you can imagine. 

They come in a bunch of fun colors, too! 

I love how this example uses some of the color options to turn a simple room divider into a bit of abstract art.

I love the orange, too. I'd be using a lot of orange and yellow if I had these blocks. 

What's great is that since they don't require any special tools, the blocks can be used for temporary installations too, like this awesome gallery wall.

They're perfect for limited-time events or pop-up stores where transporting a big display counter would be difficult. 

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15 Photos Of Drug Lords' Children's Instagrams And Their Insane Lives

15 Photos Of Drug Lords' Children's Instagrams And Their Insane Lives

We all know that people who are involved with drug dealing make a lot of money. 

What I didn't know was just how much. 

Below are some images that were taken from the social media accounts of the children of drug lords. They're rich and expensive, and it seems they're making the best of it. 

The combination of exotic pets, exotic cars and extravagant vacations is almost too much to comprehend.

1. Imagine having so much money you could let your lion chew on your Porsche? 

2. Just taking it easy.

3. Everything about this picture looks expensive.

4. A tiger to add to the exotic pet collection.

5. Checking the time in a private jet. 

6. That's a lot of money. 

7. Looking good.

8. You know you're rich when you keep company like Paris Hilton. 

9. This picture could not look any more expensive.  

10. Spoiling some lady friends.

11. Which one, which one? 

12. Vacationing.

13. Making lots of friends. 

14. Making a point at the movies. 

15. Nothing goes with a red Bentley like a lion cub. 

Main image via Instagram / @_ivanarchivaldo_

Collage images via 1. Twitter / @NarcoCulture 2. imgur / ijustwanttobeabletocommentanonymously | Instagram / @narcoofficial

Pat McGrath Just Launched Metallic Eyeshadows And We Need Them Now

Pat McGrath Just Launched Metallic Eyeshadows And We Need Them Now

Every now and then, there's a makeup product that everyone in the beauty community goes gaga over. First, it was contour kits, then the Kylie Cosmetic lip kits, now it's these ridiculously pigmented eyeshadows. These shadows are all over Instagram, and everyone is in shock. How can an eyeshadow glow that bright? I need answers! Help me! Check out these amazing shadows that are causing havoc online! I'm positive you'll want to get your hands on them, too. 

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is an international makeup artist, and she is releasing the eyeshadows that are changing the makeup game. Basically, everyone on Instagram wants these. Especially me. 

These products are having every makeup lover going a little crazy. 

My makeup collection will not be complete without these products.  

Just wait until you see the full swatch. You will be in tears. 

Seriously, I'm weeping. 

This eyeshadow is on some next level. 

Check out the next page to see the silver metallic eyeshadow! 

This eyeshadow legit looks like melted silver. 

I need!

Look how pretty it looks on. 

That pigmentation, though. 

This shadow is so bright!

Also, this color is gorgeous. 

I know what I want for my birthday.

How amazing are these swatches?

I'll take 17 of each one. 

Other eyeshadows must be jealous of this metallic eyeshadow. 

I have never seen an eyeshadow shine this bright.

This shadow is what dreams are made of. 

This is going to be me until I buy these eyeshadows. 

Hope you know I'm not kidding. 

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17 Facts About 'Grease'

17 Facts About 'Grease'

If you're obsessed with Grease, then you probably know all of the lyrics to the songs by heart and love all the characters! You've likely re-watched the film at least a dozen times, and you can't get over how cute Sandy and Danny are together. Here are 15 things about the movie that you probably didn't know, even if you're a huge fan!

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 1. "Hopelessly Devoted To You" was added to the film after filming ended because the producers wanted Sandy to have a solo ballad. That went on to be the only song nominated for an Oscar. 

2. Carrie Fisher was considered for the role of Sandy. 

The director (whose roommate was Star Warscreator George Lucas), saw her film a battle scene in Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hopebut wasn't convinced she would be the right fit.

3. Even the background dancers had names, which included Bart, Bubba, Moose, and Sauce. 

4. Jaime Donnelly was growing gray hair that had to be dyed black for filming! 

5. Greasehad a product placement agreement with Coca-Cola. It fell through too late in the production process and any products that would have appeared in the films were blurred out.

6. Marty, played by Dinah Manoff, can't dance and sat out of every dance scene. 

7.The creators of Greasealmost made the movie animated instead of live action. 

When that idea was scrapped, they decided to make the opening credits animated as a nod to the original idea.

8. "You're The One That I Want" took just one afternoon to film! 

9. Annette Charles, who played Cha Cha, checked herself out of the hospital to film the drag race scene, and then had emergency surgery that night from an ectopic pregnancy. 

10. Cast members got sick after filming this scene because the water was stagnant and full of bacteria. 

11. The lyrics "Elvis Elvis let me be, keep that pelvis far from me" in the song "Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee" was added in because Elvis Presley died the day they filmed that scene. 

12. Even though the actors were portraying highschool students, they were actually much older in age. 

Oliva Newton-John was 28, Stockard Channing was 33, Kelly Ward was 20, Jamie Donnelly was 30, Barry Pearl was 27, Didi Conn was 25, Michael Tucci was 31, Dinah Manoff was 19, Jeff Conaway was 26, and John Travolta was 23. 

13. Rizzo's "Hickeys from Kenickie" were actually real! Jeff Conaway, (who played Kenickie), insisted they be authentic, and gave them to her himself. 

14. Jeff Conaway had a really big crush on Olivia Newton-John, and was nervous around her on set. He ended up marrying her sister. 

15. Olivia Newton-John wasn't sure she'd make a convincing high-schooler, so she requested a screen test before she accepted the role. After shooting the "drive-in" scene, she was happy with how it looked and took the role. 

16. The movie is based on a Broadway musical with the same name. The musical was so popular that it had 3,388 performances and has been revived twice since!

17. Danny's blue windbreaker is a direct nod to James Dean. James wore a red windbreaker in Rebel Without a Cause.

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