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12 Horrifying True Stories From The Making Of Your Favorite Movies

Well, not everything'll go smoothly when you're movie-making. With so many people working together doing a million different things, something's bound to go wrong.

In fact, there are plenty of horror stories that will never reach the light of day. Fortunately for you, we found 12 crazy but true stories during filming of massive, famous movies. 

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1. At least 80 crew members were drugged with PCP in their lobster chowder during the filming of Titanic.

They complained of hallucinations and the perpetrator was never found...

What that was like:

2. Jim Carrey had to get torture-resistance training from a real Navy SEAL during The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

The make-up, prosthetics and the yak fur that had to be applied made Carrey feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable.

3. Harry Potter's stuntman was paralyzed in the last film during an explosion scene. They'd grown up and worked together since the first film.

While the stuntman, David Holmes, was in the hospital, Daniel Radcliffe's organized a charity auction dinner to pay for all his medical bills.

Then there was the time a director shot a kid's dog...

4. A director in 1931 pretended to shoot and kill a child actor's dog to get real emotion out of him.

In the 1931 Best Picture nominee, Skippychild star Jackie Cooper was't crying well enough so director Norman Taurag had a stagehand take Cooper’s pet dog out behind the studio and pretend to shoot it. It worked — he was nominated for Best Actor.

5. During Die Hard, Bruce Willis lost two-thirds of his hearing in his left ear from the fake guns.

In one scene, where he was under a small table he fired the fake guns too close to his ear. The blanks were extra loud ones the director insisted on for hyper-realism.

Totally worth the hearing loss.

6. A stunt woman from Back to the Future IIcan't remember 2 weeks of filming after a severe concussion, shattering her jaw and her face.

Cheryl Wheeler was on her hoverboard and was supposed to smash into the glass of the courthouse. But the rig veered to the left and she bounced off a pillar and was was dropped 20 feet. She also broke her arm and wrist and eventually fully recovered. But she still can't remember a full two weeks after the accident.

Then there was the time Alien used real human skulls...

7. In Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell's corneas were scratched during Clockwork Orange's famous torture scene.

Even though there was a real doctor administrating the eye drops.

8. In Alien, artist H.R. Giger apparently bought real human skulls of Indian children to design the alien Xenomorph head.

Dan O’Bannon said he was suspicious but didn't say anything until mid-1980s when he put the idea into Return of the Living Dead. A little later, a news story came out that Indian government was shutting down companies supplying skeletons...

9. Disney just threw lemmings off a cliff, starting the complete myth about them running off cliffs naturally.

They did it for a "documentary" called White Wildernessin the '50s. Fortunately you can't get away with stuff like that now.

Then there was the time Superman was threatened by a real-life mobster they hired...

10. Actors from Transformers were literally running for their lives in this scene.

The explosions were extremely dangerous.. Before the scene, director Michael Bay told them to keep running no matter what. That fear in their eyes was real.

11. Leonardo DiCaprio ripped his hand open during Django Unchained and just went with it.

Leo accidentally slammed his hand on a table so hard he shattered a glass and cut his hand open. DiCaprio kept going and that take made it into the final edit.

12. Superman actor Christopher Reeve life was threatened by an actor with real mob connections...

Reeve was told, "If I ever hear you talk about my family or anything from my past, you won't finish this picture."

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I dunno about you, but I definitely need a drink after all that.

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