Friday, October 14, 2016

12 Melted Things That Couldn't Take The Heat

There are some problems that depend entirely on where you are. In the U.K., temperatures of 86 degrees are considered a worrying heatwave. In Arizona, that weather can seem downright pleasant compared to the 100+ temperatures that aren't uncommon when summer arrives.

So it's unlikely that many of our British friends have ever woken up to discover that the candles melted. Yet as you're about to see, that's not outside the realm of possibility in a lot of other places in the world. But as annoying as such intense heat can get, it also provides an opportunity to see how certain objects react to it.

Just about everything can melt when you give it enough gas and when it happens, they can look really cool.

So as we prepare for a colder time of year, let's look back on the way heat ravaged these 12 objects. That should make us a little more willing to welcome the cold, right?

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1. These are melted marbles, but that's not the crazy thing about this photo.

It seems that these marbles were melted by the fires that followed the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. They were found on the sidewalk by a doctor who would eventually become the photographer's great-grandfather.

2. If it weren't for the numbers, we'd never guess what this was.

It really is strange how much a melted keyboard looks like a collection of little pebbles.

3. Before this building burned down, that used to be a window.

Apparently when glass melts it looks like some kind of otherworldly icicle.

4. A nightmarish heatwave can warp the very ground itself.

Around this time, some parts of India were experiencing temperatures of 122 degrees, so it's no surprise that something like this could happen.

It takes a little more doing than this, but when a car melts, there's no sight quite like it.

5. When a factory burned down, it also turned up the heat on these cars.

I don't envy their owners, but it truly is hard to look away from the results.

6. Thailand's heat seemed to turn this candle into a wet noodle.

It would definitely make a mess, but I'm curious to see what it would look like if they lit this candle up.

7. This is what happens when you leave a pen in front of the heater.

Apparently it still works, but I can't imagine it's too easy to write with.

8. A wildfire in Montana turned some of this truck's metal into liquid.

It kind of makes it look like a Terminator is attacking, but the biggest danger here has already passed.

All of these melted objects have been fascinating, but this next one looks oddly beautiful.

9. This clock melted in a fire, but it almost seems like an art exhibit.

Between the warping of the numbers and the way it's framed by the peeling paint, I feel like you could cut this out and sell it.

10. You're looking at 41 years of candles melted in the same spot.

The first one was in a wine bottle, but the wax has essentially taken over now.

11. This crane has definitely seen some better days.

I'm not sure how it got like this, but it's hard to get more relaxed. It might need to work on the "stylish" and "outgoing" parts, though.

12. It's amazing that this iceberg just did this on its own.

Apparently nature loves Batman just as much as we do.

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