Saturday, October 8, 2016

12 Of The Craziest Things Tyra Banks Has Ever Said on 'America's Next Top Model'

We should all bow down to Tyra Banks because she gave us the greatest gift: 21 cycles of America's Next Top Model. Those 21 cycles truly changed reality TV forever. The show had its moments with crazy judges, dramatic contestants and over the top photoshoots. But when it comes down to it, it was Tyra who provided all the entertainment. Over the 21 cycles, Tyra has said some crazy things on the show. And it's time to relive every single one of those moments.

Over the years, Tyra has taught us so much. 

She taught us how to be fierce. 

But most importantly, she taught us how to smize. 

Now everyone knows how to make their selfies look fierce! Just smile with your eyes! 

But here are the real gems that Tyra has taught us over the years with her wise words. 

1. There was that one time when Tyra was shocked that a contestant's sex life didn't match up with her dancing skills: "You're a virgin, but you twerk. You're a twirgin."

Twirgin? Smize? Tyra is too good for this world. 

2. How exactly does one model? Don't worry, Tyra's here to help: "Most modeling is kind of acting like a ho but making it fashion." 

Thanks for the tip, Tyra! Now I know how to make it in the modeling industry!

3. Let's all take "Being Fierce with Tyra Banks 101":  “Once you plant seeds of success, your tree will bear fierce fruit.”

Oh, Tyra. Talking nonsense as usual! 

4. When in doubt, just describe everything as hoochie: "It has a sexuality that borders on a slight hoochie, but you didn't get off on the hoochie stop. You stayed on the train."

Hoochie? What is hoochie?! What train is this?!

5. Tyra taught us exactly what to say when someone close to you disappoints you! Just scream and yell at the person: "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you! Learn something from this!"

Let's all just shout this at Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. 

6. Now THIS is how you really threaten someone: “I’m not a cookie cutter. I cut the cookies, and I’ll cut you.”

Well, that escalated quickly. 

7. Always remember to be 100% clear when defining a term you made up: “Do you know what a booty tooch is? It’s when you tooch your booty.” 

Thank you, Tyra. You always choose to share your wisdom with us. We're so blessed. But... really... what IS a booty tooch?

8. Tyra is always asking the right questions: "Is keeping your baby more important than your modeling career?"

Just so you know, the contestant thought her baby was more important. BECAUSE SHE'S A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. 

9. Tyra is constantly coming up with new words just to have beautiful sentences like this: "Let me see your boom. Yeah, you have a beautiful boom." 

In case you didn't get it, "boom" refers to a guy's abs. Because, you know, that makes perfect sense. 

10. There's no one more motivational than Tyra. I'm going to need this quote on a motivational poster: "I want you to be all you can be, not bitch all you can bitch."

11. Tyra's just doing God's work, y'all: "The judges felt the need to save you from this crazy cutthroat world of modeling, that would make a sad girl extremely depressed."

You definitely don't want to make a sad girl extremely depressed! You just want her to remain sad, of course. 

12. This may be the craziest thing Tyra has ever said because it's one of the few times she makes sense: "Take responsibility for yourself because no one's going to take responsibility for you." 

Just remember this: Tyra is always rooting for you. If that's not motivation in life, then what is?! COMMENTand tell us your favorite quote from Tyra! 

It's really hard to beat "Ho, but make it fashion!"


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