Wednesday, October 12, 2016

15 People Who Prove Millennials Have Serious Trust Issues

Millennials, apparently, have trouble trusting anyone. I mean, no shit. Anything the media reports has to be taken with a grain of salt; politicians, the people who run this country, are liars; and the authorities are so heavily scrutinized these days — for obvious reasons — it's a miracle anyone still enlists. Trust is at an all-time low and it's probably because we know too much. I shouldn't know that someone I haven't spoken to since grade school is having a baby, but I do. Just like I shouldn't know that the girl I'm seeing is going to a Halloween party I wasn't invited to. But Facebook thinks I should, so I do. And now I'm wondering if she plans on telling me or if this going to be something she keeps secret. Maybe she forgot. Should I bring it up or pretend like I don't know? What if I'm not the only guy she's been talking to? Why am I having so much trouble trusting this chick? She's never done anything to break my trust. I should probably check her Facebook and Instagram to see anyone suspicious has been liking her photos. 

1. He had to know the spoon wasn't going to be enough. 

Maybe throw a knife and fork up there next time, too

2. Was it worth it?

3. When your girl doesn't even waste time analyzing your questionable move, she already knows she don't trust you

4. And they say siblings are supposed to be your support system...

5. Parents are averse to giving the cold, hard truth

They're so scared of upsetting their children, I heard they don't even keep score in gym class anymore. 

6. A sign your girlfriend has faith in your ability to keep it in your pants

7. When Terry Crews has to keep you in line because you can't even trust yourself

8. When this is your reaction to anything they do

9. See, this is why big business can't be trusted

10. Those flops are tight, though

11. If this is you...

12. Text makes it too easy to bail these days

13. Does guarantee have to be spelled right in order for you to do it?

14. This dude who already knows his girl won't trust him

15. Who does this?


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