Tuesday, October 4, 2016

16 Cats Who Have Had Just About Enough

When cats come across things they don't like, they are not afraid to let you know. It's actually pretty hilarious. These poor cats all encountered things they weren't fans of, and their reactions are basically exactly what you'd expect from a cat who's fed up.

1. Cats hate fruit.

2. Like, really hate it.

3. They also hate smelly feet.

4. But really, who likes smelly feet?

5. What is this? Human food?

6. Sticking tape to their paws throws them for a real loop.

7. Cats hate your kisses. 

8. So please stop trying.

9. Obviously cats don't like dogs

10. They think they're superior and will win any fight.

11. Seriously. Don't pay attention to anyone else if a cat is around.

12. Candles are a also no-go.

13. Tiny bugs? Definitely not.

14. Flowers in their hair? Uh, no.

15. They like playing in styrofoam peanuts... until they realize the awful consequences. 

16. Basically, cats just don't like anything.


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