Saturday, October 1, 2016

16 Cheap And Easy Ways To Give Your White Shoes An Upgrade

A pair of plain white shoes always screams endless possibilities to me. It's basically impossible to keep white fabric clean, so why not spruce up your shoes with a little bit of creativity? And maybe some fabric markers, acrylic paint, and embellishments, too. You may think upgrading white shoes should be reserved for the job of a professional. But in reality, upgrading white shoes can be cheap and easy, and it makes for a fun DIY project. If you're sick of staring down at boring white shoes, read ahead for a list of simple, inexpensive ways to upgrade your kicks. 

1. Faux Oxford 

All you need to achieve this adorable look is some tan fabric paint! 

2. Tribal 

I love this boho-inspired design. You'll need black fabric paint and some creativity to achieve this look.

3. Splatter 

Jazz up white shoes by splattering different colors of acrylic paint on them. Don't forget to line your work surface with plenty of newspaper!

4. Pineapples 

I'm pretty much obsessed with this adorable pineapple print. All you need are a few fabric markers! 

5. Rainbow Glitter 

For this fun look, all you need is Tulip Fashion Glitter and some fabric tape to ensure clean lines.

6. Studs 

Achieve this look by using studs or spikes of your choice and a very strong adhesive. 

7. All-Over Glitter 

Get this eye-catching look by using a paint brush to apply glue to your sneakers and shaking tons of glitter over top! 

8. Poppies 

Red, orange, and black fabric markers are all you need for this darling look! 

9. Batter Up!

Copying this design is so simple. All you need are red and grey fine-tipped fabric markers. 

10. Tie Dye 

This strongly appeals to the '90s kid in me. Just color shoes with washable markers and splash water over top to blend! 

11. Sprinkles

This adorable look is essentially foolproof to create. All you need are pastel-colored fabric paints! 

12. Ombré Glitter 

These are potentially my favorite of the list. Achieve this mermaid-inspired look by mixing fabric paint with glitter of the same color, and apply to sneakers with a paintbrush. 

13. Collage

This look was created using magazine clippings, Liquitex, a black fabric marker, and a paintbrush! 

14. Geometric 

This retro design is so much fun. Arm yourself with painter's tape, acrylic paint, and a paintbrush to achieve this look. 

15. Galaxy

Want your shoes to look out-of-this-world, too? All you need for this design are Sharpies, white fabric paint, and rubbing alcohol. 

16. Christmas Lights 

This is one instance in which you won't be needing fabric markers. Use different-colored Sharpies to achieve the bleed effect. 


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