Tuesday, October 25, 2016

16 Funny Photos That Understand You As Well As You Do Them

We all have our share of in-jokes with our close friends and families, but what happens when one of those jokes manages to escape and bravely enter the whole wide world?

Well, that's when they become memes, of course. But with the way we bat these things back and forth to each other with a knowing wink, it's worth remembering that it's not so often that these precious little memes escape the internet. 

When they do, a couple of situations can rise. Either everyone looks on in confusion at one while you chuckle to yourself, or everyone else goes crazy while you shrug your shoulders at what you're missing.

So as you look through these 16 pics, remember that it's possible that either of these things could happen to you. Don't worry if you don't get them. Just let yourself fall into their comforting arms.

1. It's OK, Microsoft. Go back to bed.

They wouldn't have believed this back in the '90s, but we're not complaining about you.

2. Haha, that's probably still going to happen out of habit when you move out.

3. Totally thought that was actually a flying baby for a second.

If you still think that's what's going on, I'm not going to spoil it and tell you what's really going on. Stay beautiful.

4. A small victory doesn't feel any less satisfying. 

This is especially true if it means you get something for free.

5. It's been a constant source of disappointment, for sure.

If a year could pull down its pants and just start happily peeing on everything, it would be this one.

6. If the dream was really trippy, you'll wonder where, who, and why you are all at once.

Of course, this is only after you wake up screaming that you need to drive the pelican to the airport.

7. If you scream, "you are just the house settling," then at least you can have an understanding with the monsters.

Whether we know it or not, that's all we really want.

8. If we could eat that point, it would taste like an extra donut.

Especially if it bumped you up a whole letter grade. 

9. I'm not sure why this makes us act like we're at an art gallery, but that's how it is.

Maybe pretending to care is a lot like pretending to understand.


10. Haven't been to the gym in years, but I always do this.

One day, I'll probably rip my shirt off and start humming guitar riffs, and that's probably when my kids'll put me in a home.

11. Homie invented his own shoes to pull that move off, and all this guy had to do was wait for a windy day.

12. It's very worrying, OK? Bees are, like, super important.

But I guess there's a time and place for this kind of thing. And yeah, I should probably put on pants. 

I'm sorry, Mom.

13. Sometimes, this can get you a conversation that changes your life. 

Careful, though — it might not be for the better.

14. Haha, sorry y'all, I can hear your groans from here.

But for real, that's pretty messed up.

15. I mean, this is pretty much all I want, anyway.

16. I don't know about you, but I'm so happy that this exists.

Lazytownwith Gordon Ramsay seems like an awesome combination. It wouldn't be a proper episode without Ramsay calling that weird bad guy a donkey.


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