Wednesday, October 5, 2016

16 Funny Pics To Take You To Grin-finity and Beyond

Hail and well met, my dudes! Time to take a break and have a laugh. We'll bring the funny, you just chill and enjoy!

1. You're a hazard, Harry

2. Bad boys for life

3. I'ma do what I do best!

4. Just following instructions 

5. Well, what were you expecting the answer to be?

6. I think we've all been there

7. I, for one, welcome our new monkey overlords...

8. I bet you feel bad now!

9. Where will it end?!

10. It's all over, kid

11. Ice-creeeeaming! XD XD XD

12. But how?!?!

13. Quality service 

14. Admit it, you know someone like this

15. The two types...

16. Everyone forgets about poor Pluto...


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