Saturday, October 1, 2016

16 Thoughts Every Girl Has At The Bar

I am a big fan of sleeping and saving money, so I don't go to the bar too often. However, I'm also a big fan of having fun, meeting new people, and getting dressed up. So once in a while, I go to the bar with my friends and it's always an experience, to be honest. When it boils down to it, there are some thoughts and feelings that every girl has at the bar. 

1. Everything is expensive. 

I'm cheap, to be honest. Paying cover, drinks and  post-bar drunchies is too much. 

2. People are really tall. 

If I had a nickel for every time I got elbowed in the head, I would have money to go to the bar. I don't know how I'm not concussed. 

3. Bless girls who wear heels to the bar. 

I wore boots last night with a chunky heel and the balls of my feet might be broken. I am so impressed by girls who wear heels to the bar for the whole night and don't complain or anything! How???????

4. "I should have another drink."

Consistently wishing that I had another drink. 

5. "I have to pee." 

My friends and I must have collectively gone to the bathroom 17 times last night. You don't really realize how drunk you are until you're in the bathroom stall. 

6. "Who's that cutie???"

The back of your head is ridiculous. Can I get yo number? Can I have it? 

7. "And the cute guy has a girlfriend wow cool great."

8. "Great his creepy friend saw me. Time to hide."

9. "Everyone in the bathroom is my best friend and they're so pretty."

When girls get drunk they just become best friends and compliment each other and add each other on Facebook and dance together. Last night, I helped a girl do her hair, and then we stood there just complimenting each other for a while. We take snapchats together and we try each other's drinks and we hold hands. 

10. "We should totally get some food." 

The hunger is real. 

11. "Ohmygod, let's take a photo!!"

*Proceeds to organize everyone in the group and find a photographer.*

12. "I should text everyone in my contacts and tell them how much I miss them."

And I should invite everyone out to the bar with me!

13. "I never want to drink again."

14. "Are we going out tomorrow?"

15. "Where are my phone, wallet, and keys?"

16. "I want to take my bra off."


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