Wednesday, October 12, 2016

16 Truths About The Kids Of Today's Generation

When I look around at kids today, my mind is blown. On one hand, I've watched a four-year-old handle an iPad better than my father. They've grown up with this technology and adapted to it, learning about it quicker than any other generation. They have access to any and all information at their fingertips. At the same time, they're bombarded with the world that is social media, and it's easy to see the effect that it's had. Selfies and short attention span seems to be the norm. 

These 16 facts about kids nowadays are sadly true. You'll have to laugh your way through it to keep yourself from crying. 

1. They see the world through the screens in their hands.

2. They don't realize what a pound key is. 

3. They live in a cordless world. 

And they'll never have to understand the frustrations of wanting to talk in private, but the phone was in the kitchen so you could only go as far as the cord stretched. Or talking to your crush and finding out your little sibling was listening in on the conversation from another phone the whole time. 

4. Their entire lives are on their phones. 

5. Their priorities are a little off.

6. They share all of their information, every little detail, online.

7. Then there is this....

8. They're clueless when it comes to the classics.

9. Their sense of socializing is sitting next to each other and texting, tweeting, posting, and messaging...but not actually talking.

10.  Their version of adulthood is skewed.

11. Their vanity is increased by the number of selfies taken in every place and for every occasion...including going to the bathroom. 

12. Their technology is so intuitive and responsive that they cannot understand the pains of dial-up and floppy disk days.

13. They have all the latest technology...

14. ...And don't appreciate it. They're always wanting the newest version.

15. They're doing more grown-up things, without actually having the grown-up brain to accompany.

16. Seriously...what happened to guys and girls standing on opposite sides of the room instead of dancing together?!

Main image source: LOL Trap


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