Thursday, October 13, 2016

19 Cheaters Getting What They Deserve

If you've ever been cheated on, you know how much it sucks. It's tough enough picking your heart up off the floor and learning to trust again, let alone getting revenge on the jerk who wronged you. But some people do it impeccably, proving that revenge can be a dish served hot, cold or anywhere in between.

1. And now every NFL fan knows it.

2. Priced to move.

3. The opposite of an election sign.

4. Paul probably didn't enjoy his drive to work.

5. Classy revenge.

6. Next time he's getting put in a stock so we can all throw tomatoes at him.

7. Either your car got slimed or your ex got even.

8. Good job, Davey Boy.

9. Row 129? He's not even trying to impress his mistress.

10. the billboard was free?

11. Thanks, anonybro.

12. Relationship in the toilet, along with about two grand worth of Apple products.

13. I hope he got his copy of Diablo 3.

14. Sounds like Steven done goofed.

15. Worth a £90,000 Range Rover? Not a chance.

16. LOL indeed.

17. Work hard, cheat hard.

18. That is ice cold (here's the whole story).

19. Dear (soon-to-be ex) neighbors:


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