Tuesday, October 4, 2016

19 People Who Didn't Take Their Wedding Day Too Seriously

Weddings play host to some pretty priceless moments — and not always in the traditional sense of a picture-perfect ceremony and a tear-jerking speech from the father of the bride. From Unicorns to venomous snake bites — the following newlyweds, guests, and photographers had a great sense of humor when it came to the act of matrimony, which resulted particularly funny pictures to make the big day truly memorable!

1. When this bride wouldn't give up the bottle 

2. I sure hope this was their wedding cake 

3. When this expression of love was photobombed by a different expression of love

4. When this couple rode into matrimonial bliss on a unicorn 

5. When this couple invited the residents of a Detroit neighborhood to join their wedding photo 

6. When this reporter had to leave her own wedding to report on the Sichuan earthquake 

7. When this drunk guest relieved themself on the wedding tent 

8. When this cat decided to pucker up for the wedding photo

9. When the open bar came with this very important disclaimer 

10. When Jaden Smith wore this white Batman suit to Kanye and Kim's wedding 

OMG, I can't believe he wore white to Kim's wedding!

11. When this person showed up dressed like the tables 

12. When this couple saved the newspaper from their wedding day 

13. When this groom was caught looking 

14. When the groom got bitten by a rattlesnake 

15. When the marital kiss was too scandalous for these three viewers 

16. Fingers crossed that the marriage is more stable than the bridge...

17. And the fondant on this cake

18. Three's company

Or maybe it's just true love 

19. That's my kind of wedding


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