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20 Funny People Who Are The Odd Ones Out

Are you considered the weird one in your group of friends? When it comes to social gatherings, you or someone else in your gang might go a bit overboard with the quirkiness, making everyone in the group extremely uncomfortable most of the time. Or you could be on the other side of the spectrum, while the rest of your fam get lit on a Friday night, you're buried nose deep in your smartphone playing the 156th level of Candy Crush in the club.

Some people just tend to stand out in a group, much like these people who definitely go to the beat of their own drum, or are playing an entirely different instrument altogether.

1. This guy with a bit too much Easter spirit.

What could've been the reason this man chose to wear a bunny suit for what looks like a local Congress photo? Maybe he lost a bet, judging by the disgruntled look on his face. Or someone jokingly told him it was a costume event and he really wanted to show the others how passionate he is about Easter. Both plausible reasons.

2. This dude and his OG grannies.

You don't want to mess with these older women and their ragtag leader Mark when they roll into your neighborhood. Mark was recently rejected from his book club of middle age women for being too hard, so he decided to find a new pack that shared his passions.

3. This girl hanging out with friends in 2017.

You don't really notice the awkwardness when you're on your phone, but when you finally put it down just to see everyone's faces still dimly lit by their iPhones, you quickly check your Instagram just to feel part of the group. This is why my friends and I have a rule when we're out to stack our phones in the corner so we could actually converse with each other.

4. This Winnie who's not down at all.

I'm sure a lot of us have had this experience at one point. You agree to go out, even get dressed up and everything, but once you're there you totally revert back to the homebody you truly are. Only a couple hours of this and you can get back to your place snuggled with a nice tea and the new season of Orange Is the New Black.

5. This girl who's sorry, not sari. 

While the rest of your fam gets gussied up for the ceremonies, you take a less traditional approach and a different color scheme to spice things up. Your mother may be furious with you, but at least you can be the unique butterfly that you are and can spread your wings during this wedding.

6. This groomsman who was almost late to the party.

This guy was running late to the festivities and forgot his matching socks at home. Dave always was the tardy one in the group, and now there's photographic evidence that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. You can return the favor on his big day by coming in with a funky tie.

7. This guy with all his new vacation pals.

Worried that your friend Thomas wouldn't have a good time on his own while on vacation, he sends you this pic with his new buddies. Relieved that he's no longer alone on his travels, you're happy that he's finally found a group of people that accepts him as he is.

8. The drunkest in the group, can you tell which one?

Good thing you guys have those masks so you can hide just how lit you really are. Even with the masks you still manage to stick out like a sore thumb. Good job Becky, better luck next year!

9. This girl who snuck onto the cheerleading squad.

You thought you could go the whole year as just the base of the pyramid, and then coach pulls you out to do some flips in a new routine. The gig is up! Though the attempt in itself was impressive enough, just gotta learn to stick that landing in the future, or find another extracurricular activity to participate in. I hear they need a new mascot.

10. The life of the party.

"Come to the Christmas party this year," they said. "You'll have a blast and it'll be better than last year," they said. Yeah, you knew they'd be wrong but you came anyway to be a nice guy. What you wouldn't give to be at home gaming with your buddies online, instead of with your overly touchy coworkers.

11. This girl who's not basic in the least.

Never wanting to be the one who goes with the trends, you step out in your purple top and sneakers for prom and slay all the other basics in their black and sandals. You do you girl, be the one worth following instead of being part of the pack.

12. This girl who didn't get the hat memo.

You try and maintain your composure during the group snap, but you can't hold in how ridiculous your other friends are while trying so hard to be in with the times. Sure, in the right situation those floppy sun hats are fire, but if you're just doing it to be like the other girls, you can take the L right now. Be like the purple dress queen and find your own flavor.

13. This ramen chef.

Not sure what kind of film conference would require some science professionals in their specific fields and a ramen chef. Maybe it's the effects of sodium on the body from that deliciously rich broth, but I think even that may be stretching it a bit. Or it could be how slurping those noodles has a weird way of releasing endorphins to stimulate happiness. I don't know, I'm really trying here.

14. This girl's take on business casual.

She knows what you wear isn't a true representation of your skills as a young professional in the courtroom. I personally think it's a fairly ugly sweater, more fitting for a Christmas party with that theme, but hey whatever floats your boat girl! I'm here for you!

15. This woman who didn't get the pink memo.

They told you the event would be pretty lax with no dress code. So you leave the house in some comfy capris and your comfy t-shirt only to find your friends decked up in summery pink numbers. That's the face of a woman with immediate regret for even showing up in the first place.

16. This woman who just started working out with her besties.

You finally try and make good on your New Year's resolution with a couple of your friends. They've been at it since January and you're the summer addition to their workout duo. That's the face of someone who wants to quit before the parade even starts. Your workout routine is gonna have to wait til next year.

17. This guy who didn't get the memo.

We all have that one friend who shows up to things without checking their messages before hand. You sent him multiple texts on the group chat telling him about the matching wardrobe plans, and he shows up like this, even though he was marked as "seen" on WhatsApp. This is why we don't invite him to do nice things anymore.

18. This girl with her one true love.

Oh, you thought I was referring to the woman without a significant other downing that wine like a champ. No ma'am, I'm talking about the little cutie in the background with her favorite binky in her mouth.

19. The last bachelorette in the group. 

Sure, your friends are all engaged and entering a new stage in their lives, but you still get to live out your crazy single days to the very last drop. You don't need a man to make you feel special, you've got your career and your wine! Now, if they'd just stop telling you "you're next!"

20. This little girl is my Patronus.

Not every little girl out there aspires to be a Disney Princess. Some of you would rather come to dance class dressed as a hot dog with little to no explanation. She probably thinks the idea of a handful of street meat with all the right toppings is better than getting swept off your feet by Prince Charming. She's not wrong.

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