Sunday, October 23, 2016

20 People Who Are Way Ahead Of Their Time

Every generation has its innovators and forward thinkers. Albert Einstein. Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla. The dude who invented the fidget spinner. 

It's people like this who are so brilliant that they make me question if they're actually visiting us from the future. Take a look at these other geniuses who are way ahead of their time.

1. Why did it take us this long as a species to finally invent this? I'm glad that some innovator finally gifted us with this masterpiece. I'm about to hop on Amazon and order one. Or twelve.

2. I love seeing innovators use a simple prototype to show their next invention. This dude didn't want to use his cell phone illegally while driving, so he came up with this. Brilliant. 

3. This is Willy Thompson's world, and we're all just livin' in it. I'm honestly so bummed that I didn't do this with my profile picture years ago. Thank you, William, for visiting us from the future.

4. This is such an easy way to turn a plain, boring Capri Sun into an exciting squirt gun that will get all over the place and make a huge mess! It definitely looks cool though.

5. I know for sure that this kid is way ahead of his time because growing up, I had a lot of bored and creative friends and we never came up with this.

6. While all of us peasants are getting pans dirty to make a grilled cheese, this innovator flipped a toaster on its side and will never have to wash a dish again.

7. Maybe to mess with people he should bring some big, bright red clown shoes. Even though this is a pretty weird thing to do, I must say, I really admire this guy's ingenuity.

8. This is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen, and it's so simple! The pro is that their clothes and hair stay dry. The con is that they look like the dinosaur from Jurassic Park. 

9. Ohh come on now, even flip flops have wifi?! We have definitely gone too far as a species. I can't wait until someone hacks into his shoes and starts controlling his every step.

10. Mr. Bean was always an innovator. Little did I know, he also invented selfies way before the era of the smartphone. Like they say, the best camera is the one that you have.

11. This is some next level cheating right here. For the effort it took to type out the formulas, change the font, print them, cut them, and paste them on her nails, she probably could've just learned the material instead.

12. Back in my day, we used to drink one juice box with one straw, one sip at a time. The game has clearly been changed. She must be the most hydrated girl on Earth. 

13. Why go through the hassle of setting a self-timer or using Photoshop when you can simply hold up a mirror and still be included in the picture?! This is some next level photography. 

14. When playing video games against someone on the same screen, you always run the risk of the other person cheating. Well thanks to these geniuses, that's no longer a problem.

15. Are you still holding your iPad in your hands like a caveman? Take a note from this woman and attach it to the visor for some hands-free viewing. You just probably shouldn't do this if you're the driver...

16. I would've 100% believed that this photo was taken in the last two years. I think this style is going to stick around for a little bit longer, I can just feel it in the air.

17. This is brilliant, but I really hope he has someone checking on him every once in a while to make sure that he's still breathing. I may have to try this out for myself.

18. At this rate, he might as well have given her his entire phone. You have to appreciate the attention to detail. He's even got his date of birth listed under the time.

19. This man was truly ahead of his time because his joke has aged like a fine wine. Lucky for him, this was before the Internet era so angry commenters didn't correct him on the misspelling of the word "where". 

20. I've always said that laziness fuels innovation, and this is just further proof of that being true. Work smarter, not harder, especially when it comes to a serious topic like reheating queso.


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