Tuesday, October 11, 2016

24 Hilarious Pics Except For One That Is Complete Trash

Yes, you read that title right — one of these pictures is not funny at all. In fact, it is complete and utter garbage, and I am personally infuriated by it. Why did I put it in here? I don't have an answer. But it's in here, and it's not on the first page, so do what you will with that. 

1. It means she's crazy

2. A moment of silence for those who work in customer service 

3. This kid's going to be trouble for the ladies later on

4. New addition to the family? 

5. It's funny cuz it's a dog

6. Since when is the magazine rack considered art? That's like me calling myself a writer 

7. I like that honesty 

8. Firemen are so sexy

9. Who made this trash meme?! I'm offended on behalf of all the memers! 

10. Mmmm... bacon

11. I'm often amazed at how intelligent kids are 

12. The equivalent of contouring for men. Fair is fair, ladies

13. This kid's a pro

14. Someone's in trouble! 

15. Tonight is gonna be liiiiiiiit

16. It's been a rough day...

17. Love of my life 

18. Making me hungry 

19. Scary stuff 

20. That sticker needs to be a whole lot bigger 

21. Got him there 

22. I don't feel good about this...

23. Awww! Trash bandits!

24. Nawwwwww


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