Monday, October 24, 2016

24 Low-Key Geniuses In Everyday Life

Life's full of inconveniences, both major and minor, so it helps to think outside the box! Today we're looking at some people who've found solutions that walk the line between genius and ridiculous. However their projects turned out, at least they made us laugh!

1. Dude's gotta eat!

2. He's used to lockin' 'em up!

3. Score one for the good guys!

4. Or, for the more artistically inclined...

5. Looks like they're bringing back Nintendogs!

6. No pet should be lonely...

7. Who needs a playpen?! 

8. Now each player can look like James Bond

9. Fight fire with fire!

10. Gotta love it when he can fetch...

11. His beard was unruly, until he found his shaving grace...

12. No more Sunday socks!

13. Weatherit looks good or not, it works!

14. Always good to reflect with your family

15. This kid's going places...

16. Say cheese!

17. And here I am with popcorn in a bowl like a sucker...

18. Not even a problem!

19. Master of avoiding the awkward 

20. "A" for effort!

21. Copy that!

22. Office shortage. 

23. Make no mistakes! 

24. Do the math!


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