Monday, October 10, 2016

24 Tattoos That Were Actually Funny On Purpose

We've all seen our share of bad tattoos. Seeing some clueless, unfortunate people living without "ragrets" or getting an inspirational Chinese quote that actually means "bad diarrhea" are always reliable sources of laughter.

But it's not like tattoo artists and their customers don't have a sense of humor. Sometimes a tattoo can go exactly according to plan and still make us smile every time we see it.

So let's celebrate some success for once and check out these 24 clever tattoos that mean what they say.

1. I'm pretty sure that any situation can be improved with a muppet.

And Animal's obviously the raddest of them all so this guy's definitely learning from his mistakes.

2. I'm glad Dave didn't embarrass himself by saying violets are blue.

Microwave— that's inspired! 

3. Niiiice! Way to make that work, homie.

If something like that's gonna move in uninvited, it should least be of some use.

4. Good to see he's taking the breakup well.

Plus it gives her an automatic answer if she gets any funny ideas about coming back.

5. Hahaha don't worry, it's a temporary one.

I guess this beats walking around with a headless Elsa.

6. I don't really see the connection but he's definitely all the way into it.

I mean, why not, right? Cat, pizza skateboard, "meowta," what more do you need?

7. Seriously, what do cats have to do with pizza?

Were y'all just really big fans of the Samurai Pizza Cats or something? Like, this ain't even them.

8. Hahaha, this guy knows what's up.

I wonder if he got a discount on that one.

9. Yeah, this killer turn of phrase deserves a good golf clap.

You've pretty much won at life when you can always see the funny side.

10. If there's a better way to tell someone you've got a peanut allergy, I don't know it.

I never did trust that Mr. Peanut. Look at him there with that top hat and that "come hither" look. He's up to something.

11. Hahaha, I would have gone with a "see me after class" instead of a coffee stain, but you do you.

I still love the idea of grading your past terrible tattoos, though.

12. Whoa, I did not expect that to actually work.

So this guy's biracial and chose this for his first tattoo. Also, I love how he went with the Double Stuf kind.

13. I can't decide which part of this I like the best.

The connect the dots is already awesome, but man, that is one charming giraffe.

14. Just when you thought there wasn't a way to make this tattoo better.

Hey, you'd crack up too if you got beaten up by the same plumber for 30 years.

15. You ain't really a thug unless you can look hard with something like this across the belly.

Your enemies need to look over their shoulder when they see butterflies and teddy bears.

16. Do I wanna know why this tattoo exists?

You know those things that are pretty much the dumbest anything you've ever seen but still make you laugh hysterically? Yeah, I think this is one of those. 

17. At this point, we might as well wear it on our sleeves.

If nothing else, we can use it to tell our future grandkids what it was like to be us.

18. The good part of this isn't that it's a cat being cupid.

No, the good part is that they took special care to give it a diaper. Tattoo poop is the hardest to clean up, after all.

19. Oh wow, it syncs up so well too.

It's the kind of clever tattoo that says, "you know what? I'm OK with this."

20. Haha, gotta love a tattoo that answers its own question.

And it doesn't even matter if the question is "Why'd you get one on your foot?" or "Why is it Dr. Zoidberg?"

21. I feel like you could just look at this and nod before every workout.

Who needs supplements when you've got senzu beans, right?

22. That baby elephant is totally making me lose it.

Haha, he doesn't know where he's going or what he's doing, it but he's excited about it!

23. Now does that lion actually need the prescription or is it just a hipster?

I guess the only way to find out is to say the word "mainstream" around it and see if it roars.

24. All right, the execution may not be that great but I dig the concept.

Sure, we all say "love hurts," but it takes a bit of thinking to show it in a picture. 


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