Tuesday, October 11, 2016

28 People Whose Lives Are Basically In Shambles Now

If you're feeling a little down in the dumps today, I know just the thing to help cheer you up — looking at pictures of people who are having a much worse day than you are. With just one bad decision, these peoples lives are left in shambles, giving us all something to laugh at.

1. This driver tried to take a shortcut to avoid traffic, but found himself in a real sticky situation. Hopefully he's able to get out before the concrete hardens and he's stuck forever.

2. For a child, there's nothing worse than losing your sucker. And I would imagine that for a cat, there's not much worse than having a sucker stuck to your fur.

3. If I had to pick between jumping off of a twenty-foot ledge or climbing down a ladder, I think I'd pick the latter. I'm not sure how this guy plans on getting down.

4. I'm not sure what the backstory to this photo is, but I don't think that I want to know. Crying while wearing your wedding dress on public transportation has got to be the saddest scenario imaginable.

5. As a child, going grocery shopping with your parents is the most boring thing ever. This kid has clearly just given up entirely. That actually looks pretty relaxing to be honest.

6. This is not how you want to start your morning off. I think that diaper rash cream needs to be repackaged, because there's no way this is the first time this mistake has happened.

7. Talk about adding injury to insult. It's one thing to lose a game of giant Jenga. It's an entirely different thing to have the game smack you right in the face.

8. How does this even happen? For her own safety, I don't think she should ever be allowed in the kitchen again. Next thing you know, her hair's going to be caught in the blender.

9. I think this is a sign that he's just not cut out to be a musician. If I were him, I would PICK a new hobby. I'm sorry... I'll see myself out.

10. Oh, isn't that just grate? I always find it really exciting to watch women with skinny heals try to cross walkways with slots in them. If you wait around long enough, you're bound to see someone trip.

11. I can only imagine that he lost a bet and his golfing buddies made him bodyslam a cactus patch. The paramedics look like they're about to say he's a lost cause and on his own.

12. This poor little baby learned a very hard lesson that day. Get used to it kid. You've got about 80 more years of life hitting you right in the face.

13. If you're taking advice from Facebook posts, then you're just asking for your life to go to shambles. Technically sand paper will get the ice off of your windshield. But so will a rock.

14. My first question when I see this picture is why did the person taking the picture decide that the photo was more important than checking if she was still alive?

15. Speaking of people falling through the ceiling, this kid looks like he's just accepted his fate and that this is his life from now on. He even has snacks stockpiled.

16. This person's life is in shambles so much that they even took down an entire financial institution with them. I wonder which emoji was used, because the poop emoji might have been worth it.

17. This is the oldest trick in the book. As a kid, I used to unscrew lids for salt and pepper shakers all the time. Now that I'm older, I'm always paranoid that karma is going to catch up to me.

18. Much like the diaper rash cream from earlier, I think Nair needs to consider repackaging their product. I'm sure she isn't the first bald little girl to make this mistake.

19. This picture is definitely worth a thousand words. The man looks surprisingly calm for someone who has an arrow sticking out of his shoulder. Maybe he's an archery teacher and this is a normal part of his life.

20. This person who tried to give the ol' DIY thing a try, but was terribly disappointed. It looks less like a bear and more like Edvard Munch's "The Scream." So creepy.

21. You think you have friends until they bust you for skipping class. The teacher is definitely helping things by livestreaming his livestreaming. It's like Inception but way less cool and interesting.

22. I'm a little hesitant about anyone who plays the "Lotoo," but at the same time, do you think you would ever get over a loss like this? It's not even technically close.

23. It's bad to put all of your belief in a cookie, but when that same cookie doesn't even believe in you, you need to reevaluate your life. Good luck, kid.

24. Being a man means not flinching as you burn alive. Being a man means loving the lick of a scorching flame. The fires of Mount Doom wouldn't stand a chance against your man flesh.

25. All she is trying to do is embrace the new term the kids are saying — "YOLO." It's okay, your early 20s only last so long. Then you realize you'd rather be at home.

26. Yes, now this pet owner has a baker's dozen of cats. But take a look on the expression on that mother cat's face. It says it all. Whose life is actually in shambles?

27. When you've already survived being a meme, learned to accept it and perhaps even monetize off of it, but no one shows up to your booth. It's all coming full circle.

28. I think the "professional artist" was working with her eyes closed for this one. The good news is, this girl is now fit to join the circus if the fashion show doesn't work out.


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