Saturday, October 8, 2016

40 Funny People Just Making The Best Of It

Do you ever feel like you or the people around you can get into such a miserable rut that it's literally the only lens through which you can view the world? 

Yeah, me too. I don't blame you. 

But we're wrong. We're super wrong to do that. 

It's all about perspective. Things happen in life, some crappier than others, but it's how you respond to them that can make a world of difference. 

Not only did these pics give me the laugh I needed today, but they also gave me the lesson I needed!

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1. Not exactly sure how this burn came about, but they've at least taken full advantage of making an average-to-good joke out of it. 

Maybe put a little salve on that?

2. So good. He looks super sophisticated now. 

You won't even be thinking about those man-parts you just had removed.

3. I love people like this. They are incredible reminders that it's all about perspective.

You can let it ruin you, or you can make it build you up.

4. Cheers to new beginnings!

Important things in life deserve to go out with a bang — even marriages! 

5. Creative! And it's a cult classic reference!

And they said his jokes didn't have a leg to stand on...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. As I scrolled down I was further impressed by his ability to rock heels better than me. 

6. Ah, yes, my years growing up in Canada have served me well.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say this is a classic March Snowman, complete with the partially thawed mud and slush. 

7. That a boy. There had to be a perk to being a third wheel . Take what you can get.

You only live once.

And either I'm ancient, or these kids are like five years old and at "da club."

8. Now this is making the best of it right here. 

See? There's a plus side to anything! Shoes on the seat, though...I don't know about that...

K, wait. My negativity is creeping back in already. I need more pep.

9. The best darn weight loss plan out there!

Effective in 100% of clients. She lost eight inches!

10. Matching pee stains = coolest dad ever

Everyone has accidents once in a while!

11. This guy has taken an everyman problem and turned it into a hilarious joke, fit for party banter. 

But on a more serious note, that glass is gonna slice ya, pal.

12. Never has a Big Mac been so satisfying 

Comfy footwear and a burger? You can't beat it!

13. Talk about working through a problem even before you know the extent of the problem...

Whoever said "O'Doyle rules!" is sadly mistaken. I think the Herber family just took home the blue ribbon!

14. This isn't making the best of a bad situation, this is a gift. 

I mean, I get it. No one wants a pole through the middle of their driveway, but this is seriously a sweet basketball setup. Put one on the garage and you've got a full court!

15. You've always wanted that cottage on the lake, right?

Well, grab the bull by the horns, blow up a float and make your own lazy river. I crave this level of freedom. 

Could I live this kind of life? Is it possible for me to join the ranks of positive thinkers like these?

I know this old adage and accept it in my heart: WWOD? What Would Oprah Do?

16. When your dreams of visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa are soiled, but you still have France.

Om nom nom. 

17. This is so relatable it hurts.

You want to be that adult who throws fancy dinner parties, but then you're hit with the crushing weight of your own poverty. Fake it 'til you make it!

18. Saw your thumb off a li'l bit? 

No biggie, this DIY hack will change your life

Do you hail a cab or Julius Caesar with that thumb? #PhilosophicalQuestions

19. If this doesn't SCREAM "temptation," then I don't know what does.

Get you a man who wants to hydrate you.

In case you can't read it: "Hello Ladies. May I interest you in some oxygen, or maybe some saline."

20. I want to live a life with this kind of freedom. 

If you're an unreliable, lazy sloth like me, these are the kind of store hours you can get behind.

21. Found art can be a beautiful thing!

22. When their lawn became the snow plow pile, they made the best of it.

So if you think that giant chicken beak and comb you've had laying around will never come in handy, think again. 

23. This person who just wants to stop getting rear-ended. 

Their manners are impeccable. Their driving? That's another story.

24. This is sweet.

I would also have accepted the Kool-Aid Man, but I can't blame them for not wanting to get too cliché with this setup.

25. Snowed in? No big deal

Not only do they have a whole whack of cold ones (heh) but they're all tastefully arranged into a charming monster face. What more could anyone ask for? 

26. I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty sweet.

Like, I'd be OK with my tree always being like this if I had such metal decorations to go with it. 

27. This wasn't their first time doing this.

Depending on the city, you'd have enough time to become a grandmaster if you did this on the regular.

28. Flood? What flood?

Look at that expression. He's definitely had this worked out for a long time. I mean, how else do you explain how perfectly he nailed the water level here? 

29. Well, isn't this just the cutest use of creativity you've ever seen?

Second silver lining: one step closer to being a mermaid. YAS.

30. When you live in places where this is normal, you learn to deal with it pretty quickly.

That's really why that "drive slow" sign is there, you know. You just really don't wanna hit a skier.

31. The trash looks like it had a rough night.

Well, I guess that's pretty understandable. It's not like we can say it has an easy job. Especially not when part of its face is melting.

32. When you get stung by a hornet, but it just so happens that lip filler/plumper/duckface is in fashion. 

Bae's lip game is on point.

33. Always loved and never forgotten

Plus, he's on a blanket so you can still cuddle with him!

34. Kids slowing you down? Not anymore!

This is a very efficient way to get your errands done.

35. Need a leg rest? Use your leg!

I'm sensing a strong positive correlation between amputation and creativity. 

36. Vacationing alone doesn't mean you can't have a blast

This grandma certainly knows how to throw down and enjoy herself!

37. Well, there you go. A little more perspective for us all to think about.

Plus, he must have had to stop at White Castle like 17 times. I heard cycling can make you hungry.

38. Alopecia, shmalopecia. This guy isn't too concerned about his condition.

In fact, he proves his point right here.

39. Yes, a good sense of humor and a prosthetic limb can provide limitless amusement 

Well, if that didn't make you feel good, then you need some major vitamin D.

Ask me if my faith in humanity has been restored. Go ahead, ask me. 

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