Saturday, October 1, 2016

40 Hilarious Ways The World Tripped Us Out Today

If you've ever found yourself saying, "There's no way anyone would actually do that," then you can rest assured that, whatever it is you're talking about, the internet will prove you wrong. 

The longer you spend seeing what the world has to offer, the easier it gets to regret that decision. When we're encouraged to share so much about ourselves, I guess it's inevitable that we're gonna share something the rest of the world would rather not know.

But since we already have 'em, there's no point in letting them go to waste. As long as you've got some popcorn, the weird stuff can keep coming and providing us with so much entertainment.

So let's let the weird times roll with these 24 pics that don't come with explanations.

1. Whoa, Lulu even seems like a decent name for a spirit in a horror movie.

Wait, is that a knife in her hand? Uh...hope you've got the number for the Ghostbusters.

2. Well, they've got the arm flailing down, at least.

Can't say I've ever fallen down so hard that I actually broke through the ice, though.

3. So by that, do you mean that y'all used Antonia's copy of Photoshop?

I think I'd still want my name taken off this thing if I were her, though. 

4. "Hmm, I was gonna destroy this building but then the kids started to duck and cover. Whew, no thanks."

You mean they did away with this brilliant strategy? I can't imagine why.

5. Well, surprise surprise, it's on fire.

Frankly, I'm more amazed it didn't just skip right past this phase and explode.

6. I wish I was around when they made this because I'm so confused right now.

Although, there's a pretty good chance that I'd just walk away from that event more bewildered than when I started.

7. It's OK, nobody blames you. It's whoever offered you this that messed up.

Like, either serve two sandwiches or get you some fries or mac and cheese or something. I'm putting my foot down on this one.

8. Yeah, and someone had to photograph the unfortunate mishap where they dropped it on a really tiny sewer grate.

It's strangely familiar, somehow.

9. Yeah, and it always tries to involve me in its crazy crime sprees, too.

At least it can't wave its knife around now that it's just a head.

10. I guess my first clue should've been that nobody was performing.

Even so, this is about as trippy as what's basically a lawn can ever get.

11. Hmm, I'm not sure this roaring rampage of revenge is gonna work out if it depends on a bus schedule.

I guess that Hanzo sword was more expensive than she expected.

12. Phew, well I'm glad it's not awkward anymore.

Dad's possessed now, but I guess you can't have everything.

13. I'm not sure I wanna know how he came to that conclusion.

If anything, I'm more curious about what salt is supposed to smell like.

14. Man, Thomas has been pulling the long con on us all along.

I've been trying to get him to spill what he's planning, but he's stonewalling me. It probably doesn't help that my choices are either to yell at a toy or at a TV.

15. This seems like one of those situations where some editor went "wait, crap" as soon as this tweet popped up.

16. I'm so impressed with whoever noticed this in the first place.

I wonder if Woody has seen it yet and what he thinks about being compared to stomach rolls. I mean, I'd be flattered.

These are the kinds of dreams we're really chasing.

17. And the best part is there's no pillow to try to eat.

I'll tell you, those things are nowhere near as delicious as our dreams make them seem.

18. I think it's already clear which one's gonna be the hero of this picture.

That one in the front's already done with being scared and is just waiting for his opportunity.

19. Aww, looks like the little munchkin got into mommy's copy of The Necronomicon!

So, yeah...Not only should you go with the exorcist, but he'll also need backup.

20. Yeah, I don't remember asking you to be my life coach.

Unless you're letting me know what time it is, you can just keep it to yourself. And don't get all cute and say "time for a walk."

It's the most awesome thing you'd never get me to ride in a million years.

21. This kid's school bag is stuck in cartoon land

School can be a harsh dose of reality so you may as well try and take some of the morning cartoons with you.

22. Well, a roller coaster developed by NASA sounded good on paper...

I don't think there are enough barf bags in the world to handle this.

23. Well, I guess I now know what it would look like if Michael Myers was in a boy band.

I don't remember ever asking for this, of course, but I know it all the same.

24. That moment when you realize the hand on the right is missing a knuckle in every finger.

25. "Well, this is just embarrassing, you know one of us is going to have to change, right?"

26. Thinking about how animals think is weird, man.

I used to always wonder what the world looks like to dogs. To them, we must seem like we live forever, right?

27. This thought is on my mind every time I have a glass now.

I mean, statistically speaking, it's bound to happen to someone out there, right? But we'll never know.

28. So this is what people mean when they say "she's all legs"

29. I get what you were going for here, I really do, but it doesn't always work like that.

One way or another, we all learn that not everything can be as good as chocolate and peanut butter.

30. Siamese twins or weird piggyback?

31. Umm...I honestly can't tell

Well, I can see the white markers in the background. If it weren't for my amazing deductive skills, this picture would have really thrown me for a loop!

32. It honestly took me a second to realize those were fingers.

So obviously, those weird feet were making me uncomfortable too, since I didn't even notice what they were attached to.

33. I'll admit, it took me a while...

34. A picture in a picture? What.

35. It's Supercat! 

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall the backyard fence in a single bound...

36. Now that's some true government surveillance  

This is an experience that would really harsh my mellow if I was on the toilet. I can just imagine his commentary — "it's HUUUGE."

37. If you ever played on monkey bars when you were a kid, you know the world can look a lot better upside down

38. But eventually, you had to come down and see the world for what it really was...not very pretty

Funny what a slight shift in perspective can yield

39. Katie knows all about how hot the block's gonna be.

Right now, she's just looking straight at us and saying "ain't no mistake."

40. Seems awfully pricey for something you serve fries in


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