Thursday, October 20, 2016

8 Ways To Design Dapper Shoes

Shoes, as unimportant as some of you may deem them to be, say a lot about your personality and your style of living. Girls notice these things, trust me. Some even go so far as refusing to go on a date with a guy because his shoes are drab (...okay, she's a shallow human being and an exception). But by turning your shoes into a DIY project, you get the chance to transform your shoes into another way of expressing who you are and what your style is like. Here are some super simple ways to add a touch of you in your shoes!

1. DIY Raf Simons's Chain Shoes

2. Turn your plain Converses into cool ones.

3. Make some DIY copycat Alexander McQueen shoes.

4. Turn your shoes into something that's totally out of this world!

5. Alba Prat's Neon Old School

6. Copycat Jill Sander Shoes

7. Gold-Dipped Boots

8. Caviar-Tipped Shoes

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