Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How The Fireman With Most Intensive Face Transplant In History Looks Now

The world of technology is an ever-growing and expansive field. Not that long ago, we were seriously restricted in what we could accomplish, but now we have the convenience of computers, smartphones, and so many other wonderful tools. With the progression in technology, more advanced and difficult surgeries have become significantly easier to perform. Not that long ago, face transplants and other forms of reconstructive surgery were actually pretty hard to pull off. Now we have people who go in for plastic surgery just because they're dissatisfied with the way they look. Fortunately, for those who actually need the surgery, more thorough surgeries are becoming a possibility.

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Meet Patrick Hardison. Patrick was a volunteer firefighter and tire salesman.

In 2001, Patrick responded to a fire at a mobile home.

Unfortunately for Patrick, he received life-changing burns while fighting the blaze. He was burned so badly that he required a significant amount of surgery.

Understandably, he fell into a depressed state after having to subsist off such a small amount of income and still care for his family.

After building himself back up, he became addicted to painkillers due to the vast amount of surgeries he was having every year.

After filing for bankruptcy and losing his marriage, Pat finally received some good news in the form of a potential life-altering surgery.

In 2015, he underwent an extensive face surgery. It went really well, according to doctors.

"I used to get stared at all the time, but now I'm just an average guy," Hardison said.

Despite being told he had as low as a 50% chance of survival, Hardison did the surgery.

One year after his surgery, Hardison is speaking at conferences.

Referring to his surgery, he said, "I have hope now, and I want to help those that are injured know that there is hope for them, too."

He's even able to comfortably go on vacation with his kids without fear of scrutiny.

His progression has truly been amazing.

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