Sunday, October 23, 2016

People Are Saying That An Onion On Your Foot Overnight Can Kill Illnesses

A new interesting healthy remedy is getting some attention online that is thought to combat common illnesses like the cold or flu. It involves two simple things: an onion and a foot wrap.
You have to hear about this natural and apparently anti-bacterial technique...

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Feeling a little under the weather? Do you get sick more often than you used to?

Some people have recently claimed that putting an onion on the bottom of your foot can cure a number of illnesses if worn overnight.

Onions may have detoxification qualities that, when combined with ideas in reflexology, can help fight certain types of illnesses. Infections like the common cold, for example, may be affected by this technique. 

Let me explain the logic...

In reflexology, it's thought that the activation of certain spots on the foot can have effects on other parts of the body. 

More than 7,000 nerve endings are located in the foot that connect regions of the sole to different organs. This is where the health benefits of onions are thought to come in...

Onions are thought to be a natural anti-inflammatory.

An antioxidant known as quercetin found in onions is known to reduce inflammation in the body. Some have even called quercetin a "natural antihistamine" as it has been shown to reduce histamine release in lab studies. 

Onions have also been associated with anti-bacterial properties. 

Now, when that powerful onion makes contact with the sole of your foot, Healthy Food House states that those nerve connections will spread the benefits of the onion to different organs in the body. 

While this method hasn't been formally tested in a laboratory, one thing is for sure.

It can't hurt you!

People have been posting pictures of their onion socks online after giving it a try!

Here is on Instagram user posting her a picture of the onion sock she made to kill a sinus infection. 

Some have also suggested that this technique can combat bladder infections, teething, and earaches. 

So if you are suffering from a pesky sickness that won't seem to go away, put a few onion slices inside of your sock before going to bed.

If you don't want the entire room to stink, you can use plastic wrap for a more snug wrap. 

You might as well! 

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