Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Stupid Questions We Can't Possibly Begin To Answer

People ask stupid questions all the time.
Maybe that's because we are told from a young age there are no stupid questions.Well we all know now that's just not true.
There are plenty of stupid questions that leave us wondering... who raised you????

1. For real, though?

The sarcasm was so necessary for this person who thinks you can survive in this world having no head. Time to lose this person's number and cut off all contact!

2. Thank you, Captain Obvious!

How is this kid supposed to justify how he got the answer? Is he really expected to be like "well 9 is the greatest number since that's what you taught me... then comes 7... what's the point of this?"Good for you kid, for calling out this dumb question.

3. Be careful with what you put on the internet...

This is out there forever now. It cannot be undone. FIRSTof all, the spelling. You misspelled the name of your own state. Second, you "don't see rusia no where." As in, you don't see the country? Are you trying to say/spell "Russians?" You should be worried, but for a very different reason.

4. The classic "did you pay for those?"

YES OUR JEANS HAVE HOLES IN IT, OK? Maybe we made them, and maybe we bought them, but why do you care so much? Good thing Kermit knows what to say.

5. The worst question of them all.

We even get asked this during our first job interview. Why do we want to work at McDonald's? The grocery store? The paper route? I dunno, maybe because we need to survive and get by? Or because we're 14 and want to buy stuff?

6. What kind of assignment came to this?

"High" is too high. Also, what purpose does this question/assignment serve? I'm confused - is she literally measuring the heights at which jumping becomes fatal? How twisted this girl is.

7. The passive-aggressive questions.

This person probably saw this girl dressed ready to go out one night and made hugeassumptions and judgments based on that. I have a question for you - Do you realize that we have multiple items of clothing in our wardrobe? Do you think a young woman who likes to go out is going to babysit little boys in tight skirts and sequins?

8. They say there are no stupid questions. They're wrong.

Any question with the implication of sexism probably isn't worth asking.

9. Stop asking this question. Just STOP!

I'm looking at you, Grandma!

10. Dear students:

At this point in your educational career, you should be capable of reading. More specifically, you should be capable of reading the syllabus where you will, most likely, find the answers to at least 60% of the questions you ask on the daily!

11. Some questions you've just gotta hope are jokes.

I'll be honest: before I captioned this picture, I had to ask my coworkers who this reptile was, so let's not be toohard on this girl. By the way, it's Reptar from Rugrats...

12. Chances are if you don't know the answer, neither does the other person. Try some introspection once in a while and I'm sure it'll come to you.

13. The youth of today are seriously concerning...

Basically, if you're asking this question, you better study up!

14. The rhetorical question

If you're asking me this, you already know the answer! Probably one of the most irritating questions are the passive-aggressive ones people ask just because they want to hear you say it! 

15. And then there are the questions that can be easily googled

In the time it took you tweet it, you could have had the answer.

16. Also, does this type of question irritate anyone else?

It's pointless, you should never have to ask it, and the only place this question exists is in movies or scripted TV.

17. And while we're on the topic of questions they only ask in TV and movies...

Gag! I love Mad Men, but this question should have died with glass ceilings and workplace sexism...or wait...those still exist...

18. The only sure way to stop the madness!

No more stupid questions! There is finally a punishment for those who wish to declare their dumb thoughts out loud!

Ever been asked a stupid question even worse than these? COMMENT and let us know!


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