Saturday, October 1, 2016

Teen With Over 500 Birthmarks Was Bullied As A Child But Is Now A Modeling Sensation

People find it's easier to judge what they don’t understand rather than try to learn more about something. We are ruled by fear where we should be ruled by curiosity and a hunger to learn. Because of this, many people who are considered different end up being bullied and tormented for their differences. Teen Alba Parejo is one of these people who have had to grow up being teased for who they are and things they have no control over. However, she is now using her experiences to promote body positivity and prove that beauty comes from the inside and the confidence you have in yourself.

Alba Parejo was bullied relentlessly as a child.

A rare form of congenital melanocytic nevus caused the growth of over 500 birthmarks.

She had almost 30 surgeries by the time she was five to try and remove some of them but it resulted in scarring.

“While growing up, I realised people were staring at me because of my skin, which made me feel bad, strangers looked at me as if I was a monster.

“Sometimes they laughed or said horrible comments like calling me a ‘Dalmatian’ or an ‘alien’, one person even asked me if I painted myself."

But despite the torment, now 16 years old, she tweeted a picture of her birthmarks which received positive responses and support.

Since then she has started modeling, even becoming the face of Anec Blau's shopping center campaign and a modeling for artists.

" time went on, I realised that my moles, scars and my nevus is a big part of me both physically and psychologically.

"The nevus is my identity and thanks to it I have met lots of people who are fantastic and amazing."

Alba's goal was to normalize skin differences and she's achieving it.

She has had people from all over the world tell her what an inspiration she is which she says helps her love herself and her skin even more.

“I feel very happy now, I show my disease as I love when people react positively, they think my body is fantastic and artists adore my skin, they see it as art.”

“I love it when people tell me I have changed their life for the better, for that reason I want to keep showing myself.

“I want to make people accept that we are all different and we don’t have perfect bodies.”

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