Monday, October 17, 2016

The Original Ending Of 'Frozen' Had A Much Darker Backstory

I grew up watching Disney movies every single day. I knew all the songs to The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. And I'll admit, sometimes I'd try to sing both parts of the duet and be confused as to why it wasn't working out. But move on over, Little Mermaid! I have a new favorite Disney movie, and it's Frozen. I've watched it way too many times to count, and I just love the story about sisterly love. But did you know that the original story for the movie was going to be much darker? Find out what Elsa and Anna were supposed to be like!

I will have none of this "Frozen is so overrated" nonsense. 

Anyone who thinks that just needs to "let it go." 

It's amazing that the movie is so focused on two sisters and their love for each other. 

But Frozen was originally a much darker movie, and Elsa was supposed to be a full-blown villain! 

According to one of the producers, Anna and Elsa weren't royal. They weren't even sisters!

Elsa was supposed to be a real villain who was "pure evil." 

Originally, Elsa was supposed to take after the Snow Queen in the Hans Christian Andersen story. After being left at the altar, Elsa decides to freeze her heart so she'll never love again. 

Whoa, this is dark. 

At the end, the two were supposed to engage in a battle with Elsa creating a large army of snow monsters.

But some things remained the same! Prince Hans was still the villain in the original story. He was supposed to trigger a crazy avalanche that would destroy Arendelle and everybody there. 

That's when Anna realizes she has to convince Elsa to switch teams and use her powers for good. 

They must be glad they made the changes. Who knows if it would've been the success it is today with the original story!

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