Monday, November 28, 2016

12 Ways To Hack Shower Caps

Have you ever looked at a shower cap and realized, "That's just a plastic baggy with an elastic closure"? No? Often when you look at something and break it down to its basic parts, you'll realize that the more simple the item is, the more hacks it can be used for. 

So let's look again at that shower cap. I bet you have one or more kicking around for when you want to keep your hair dry in the shower, but it's time to start stocking up. Pick up some bulk packs at the dollar store, or raid your hotel room next time you're on vacation! Just keep as many of these little elastic bags around as you can manage. Here are few ways you can use them. 

1. Protect your shoes, or your floors, from mud.

Don't delivery people or movers look a little silly in their plastic booties when they come through your home? Don't those booties do a great job of keeping their dirty soles from tracking muck around your home? You can do the same with a pair of shower caps. Cover your nice shoes when you know you're heading out into the mud, or protect your carpets when you need to quickly fetch something inside. 

2. Don't let messy fingers smudge your recipes.

Raise your hand if you've ever smeared cooking oil or flour all over your cookbooks when flipping a page. Everyone has, and with our tablets and phones replacing those paper books more and more, you need a way to keep those expensive screens safe from sticky fingers. Enter the humble shower cap.

3. Corral those crumbs.

We shouldn't eat at our desks, but we do (I'm doing it right now). So, the least we can do is keep those crumbs contained for an easy cleanup. In a pinch, a shower cap makes a container you can toss out when finished, crumbs and all. 

4. Clean your gunky shower head. 

Limescale builds up on shower heads, but it can be a pain to disassemble them to clean. Instead, soak it where it is by filling a shower cap with cleaner and using an elastic to secure it in place. Let it soak for as long as necessary. For a more natural cleaning solution, you can fill the cap with white vinegar. 

5. Cover your leftovers.

Let's be real a second: those cute plastic bowl covers you can buy with the elastic rims are just glorified shower caps. Instead of paying a markup, get yourself some extra caps to do the job. I'm sure you can even find some cute ones, like with duckies. Who doesn't love duckies?

6. Protect your clothes while travelling. 

Don't carry extra luggage just for your shoes. Wrap the soles in shower caps to keep any mud or grime from transferring to your clean clothes. Shower caps are also great for dirty laundry when travelling. 

7. Keep the dust bunnies in their place.

You're never going to get all of the dust and hair out of your broom, but don't let your cleaning cupboard become a home for it. Between uses, wrap a shower cap over the head of your broom to prevent the crud from spreading. 

8. Never ride with a wet bum again.

Don't worry about leaving your bicycle out in the rain. When not in use, cover the seat with a shower cap. That way you will always have a dry ride ahead of you.

9. Keep dust out of counter-top appliances.

You should always check your mixer bowl for dust before using it, but having to wash it before each use is a pain. Instead, cover it with a shower cap to keep the inside dust free. The same trick can be used for any small appliances you leave out on counters or shelves between uses. 

10. Give your seedlings a place to grow.

A shower cap can turn any container into a mini greenhouse, allowing you to sprout seedlings indoors before planting them in your garden. 

11. Protect those expensive lenses. 

Camera equipment is not cheap and even a single grain of sand can damage those fragile lenses. If you've lost the lens cap, cover the end with a shower cap instead.  

12. Add texture to walls.

Rag-painting can add a fun texture to your walls, but the rags themselves can be troublesome. When the paint builds up in the fibers, you have to rinse it clean, and you can't use a wet rag to continue the process (unless you want smears). But a plastic shower cap can give you the same effect without the downsides. The plastic won't collect the paint, and if you do need to rinse it, it dries right away. 


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