Monday, November 28, 2016

13 People Who Will Stop At Nothing To Charge Their Phones

What happens when the thing you rely on most in life threatens to quit on you? Panic, dread, and, most of all, desperation kick in. Those stressful moments when the red battery icon appears on our screens cause us to do some pretty questionable deeds. Sometimes that 7% creeps up on us out of nowhere (maybe you left your GPS on or were unknowingly streaming music for the past two hours), and sometimes you leave the house knowing exactly what's going to happen (I'm looking at you people who somehow never have a fully charged phone!). But no matter what, you don't have to worry, because as these 13 people show us, where there's a will, there's a way!

1. You can usually find a plug in the ceiling 

Alternately, plugging your phone into a laptop is also an option...

2. Apparently, a fridge will also work

If you're going to electrocute yourself, a fully charged phone is essential. 

3. Just appreciating nature...

4. When you're a complete philistine but your phone dies in the museum so you pretend to admire Rembrandt's brush strokes for 40 minutes

5. If you do this, no one can accuse you of texting in class

6. Sometimes you're really drunk but you still want to charge your phone

7. Again, nothing will stop a drunkard with a low battery except their own drunk vision

8. Some people will even squat amid dog feces for that charge

9. Apparently jump starters aren't just for cars...

10. This guy looks like he does this a lot

11. We are truly an innovative species

12. This is what happens when you're traveling and you forget a outlet adapter

13. Sometimes desperation leads to stupidity 

Main image via reddit / BackBreaker909

Collage image via Twitter / qltolar


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