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14 Secrets From The Set Of 'Heathers'

Some of my favorite teen movie characters are the villains: the high school queens who rule the hallways. And sure, most people would point to Mean Girls as having the best depiction of queen bee villains but I think we're all forgetting about another movie. What about Heathers?! The Plastics have nothing on The Heathers! They were the meanest and cruelest characters and that's what made the whole movie so funny! The movie has been out for over 25 years, the actors have all gone on to become huge stars and it was even made into a Broadway musical! Here's what you need to know about the original mean girl clique from Heathers!

1. Christian Slater said that his performance was inspired by Jack Nicholson. He admitted that he even wrote a letter to Jack begging him to watch the movie but he never received a reply. 

Turns out he didn't need Jack's approval because the movie ended up becoming a cult hit and Christian is a huge star now!

2. Brad Pitt auditioned to play Christian's role but was rejected by casting directors because they thought he was "too nice" and couldn't pull off the role of a villain!

I mean, look at that face! He has such an angelic face!

3. In the movie, each Heather has a signature color. Heather Chandler was always wearing something red, Heather McNamara always wore something yellow and Heather Duke wore green!

But Veronica's signature color was blue. She was always wearing the color and the color of her bedroom was blue too!

4. Winona Ryder had a lot of influence on the movie. JD was named because her favorite author was JD Salinger. The high school was named Westerburg High because her favorite band was The Replacements and their lead singer was called Paul Westerberg. 

5. Winona's agent begged her not to be in the movie. She warned her that her career would be over if she said yes to Heathers

And look at her now! Winona became a huge star and now she's on Netflix's biggest show, Stranger Things

6. Shannen Doherty had problems with the script because of the profanities. She felt uncomfortable swearing because of her conservative upbringing so for those particular lines, she could never say them with a straight face!

"It was definitely the first time I had ever, ever spoken like that in my entire life. I was a very sheltered 17 year old. My mom was on set with me. I definitely had moments where I was blushing through my makeup."

7. The chemistry between Winona and Christian was too good just to save for the movie. They ended up dating during the filming and promotion of the movie!

Christian was even interviewed back in 2011 where he said, "I've always loved her" when talking about Winona!

Also, "What is your damage, Heather?" is the best line from this movie. Hands down.

8. Lisanne Falk lied about her age just so she could play Heather McNamara. She told the casting directors that she was 18 years old but she was actually 23!

9. The movie spawned a very successful Broadway musical but it has failed to create a TV series. There have been three unsuccessful attempts to reamaking the movie as TV show but I still hold out hope! 

10. Daniel Waters wrote the movie just after he moved to Los Angeles and was working in a video rental shop. 

I guess you can get inspiration from anywhere!

11. The name Heather is said at least 90 times throughout the movie. 

12. Initially, the studio offered the role of Heather McNamara to Heather Graham. She had to turn it down because she was only 17 years old at the time and her parents didn't approve of the dark subject matter!

13. The Veronicas, a pop punk band from Australia, were inspired by the movie and took their band name from Veronica Sawyer. 

They loved that moment in the movie where Jason Dean asks her, "Are you a Heather?" and she answers, "No, I'm a Veronica." 

14. Winona has said countless of times that this was her favorite movie that she has ever done. 

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