Wednesday, November 16, 2016

15 Helpful Hacks For Improving Your Instagram

Instagram has further emphasized that a picture speaks a thousand words. But, what if you'd like to amp up your 'gram game and have each photo speak a million words? There are a ton of tips and tricks to creating the perfect snap.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Download Facetune, ASAP!

People use FaceTune to edit their photos without pricey photo editing software. More than anything else, it is a great tool for removing stains, spots, and that pesky pimple.

2. While doing that, download VSCO.

Don't have this one on your phone already? What are you even doing? Choose from a variety of filters, but whichever you choose, be sure to keep it consistent throughout your feed.

3. Invest in a roll of white marble contact paper.

You cant get this on Amazon. Stick it to a cardboard poster, or a tabletop or desk for an instant boost in still photos. Need further proof it works? See below.

4. Utilize natural light, both indoors and outdoors.

Whether it be a selfie, photoshoot, or morning cup of coffee, use natural light whenever you can. It looks somuch better, especially with filters and editing, as opposed to harsh artificial lighting.

5. Plan your feed ahead of time using UNUM.

It can be difficult to plan your feed without visualizing it. UNUM allows you to do just that, seeing what your 'gram would look like and letting you swap photos around.

6. Consider developing a theme.

This could be as general or specific as you'd like. What types of photos are you going to post? Selfies, coffee, and scenic views? Do you want to get more in-depth and develop a specific niche theme?

7. Take advantage of that unused burst mode feature.

You know that iPhone feature that takes a million photos at once? Use it, especially for special effect or firework or jumping photos! Ya never know, you could get a great shot!

8. Find a color palette that ~speaks~ to you.

Should you stick to neutrals, or incorporate pastel pink into everything? You could do a rainbow effect too, maybe six or nine photos of pink, and then purple, and then blue.

9. Use relevant hashtags in the comment section. 

You want people to discover your photo, but you also want to remain lowkey about it. Rather than including it below the caption, comment below your photo with a cloud of hashtags. #winning

10. Figure out the optimal times to post.

You can download a number of apps that will measure your analytics, and give the ideal time to post each day for the most likes, comments, and overall engagement. 

11. Make use of otherwise insignificant objects for props.

Drinking coffee outside and see a sprig of lavender, or a flower? Incorporate it into your photo. Not only does it add a certain pizzaz, but it makes your photo original.

12. Get a minimalist bedroom makeover on the cheap.

You don't have to spend a ton to incorporate a few Instagrammable accents. Lay down some marble contact paper, get a cactus or succulent plant, and maybe a cute poster.

13. Focus on creating great content, not getting likes.

People will find and like what is aesthetically pleasing. Grow your followers, yes, but don't get hung up on likes. Followers need a great, quality 'gram to like, anyway!

14. Invest in a selfie stick.

I know, I know, these are hideous and a total faux-pas. But besides taking cool photos like this one, it can actually be a great tool to get the perfect selfie in your room.

15. Keep a folder of evergreen photos.

That way if your content is lacking that week, you can still pull one of those out and still post. Evergreens could be anything from a cup of coffee, a book, a landscape.

Oh, and of course, never be afraid to do it for the 'gram.

Who would eat a meal before taking a photo of it, anyway? Get those angles. Grab that good lighting. May the force be with you.

What Instagram hacks are your fave? 


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