Friday, November 25, 2016

15 Times Facebook Had To Break The News That It's Over

Facebook has really stunted our social abilities. Rather than picking up the phone to wish someone a happy birthday, we send them three little letters "HBD" and post it on a public space for all to see. And when we break up? Well, why go through the awkwardness of sitting down and having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone when we can let our status or our Facebook wall do the work for us? Besides...airing our dirty laundry for all of the Internet sounds like a smart idea, right? 

1. She really should be upset...

2. Facebook is not your wingman, bro

3. When the status knows more about your relationship than you do

4. And the revenge plotting begins...

5. That's ice cold

6. Didn't you get the memo?

7. Good thing you post status updates about every little feeling you's not like you'd ever look back at them and regret it. 

8. When he says "I know you ain't talkin bout me" to forever and always, you might want to listen

9. Ah, the stinging wisdom of Bekah

10. Well...this is awkward

11. I guess she really, really, really doesn't like drinking

12. This tells quite the story

13. There is so much about this that makes me say, "wait...WHAAAT?"

14. That must have been an uncomfortable conversation

15. Good thing you didn't overreact...


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