Monday, November 21, 2016

16 Hilarious Pics Chill People Can Relate To

If you're the living embodiment of a chill pill, then you'll totally relate to these hilarious pictures. Listen, it's a chill person's world out there and we're all just living in it.

1. As Frank Sinatra sang..."That's life."

Wise, wise words.

2. All you can do is chill there and quietly weep.


3. Too chill for school.

And I'm LOVING it.

4. All I can do is smile!

Bye, haters! See ya never.

5. I might not have been chill then but I am now.

Tryna slide into my DMs? 

6. Sleep is the most important part of life...

Night night!

7. Find me when it's chill again.

I'll be hanging out here.

8. SMH all day long.

Can't be bothered.

9. Annoying voices are NOT chill.

Which is why I will judge them.

10. All I can do is...this.

Everything is fine. Everything will be fine.

11. Can't even deal with this.

So I'll just calmly stare.

12. I'll just sit here calmly and keep waiting.

Don't mind me!

13. Try and keep me from relaxing!

Ya can't! I'm too chill!

14. This raccoon and I are one.


15. I will just sit here like the cool cucumber I am. 

Can't get in trouble if you're chill AF.

16. I'm prepared for this.

Take as long as you need, mom.


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