Friday, November 25, 2016

16 Things Every Girl Does That They Refuse To Admit

Girls have always been pretty secretive. Maybe it's because girls are just far more complex than guys, to the point where it's 2016 and still guys have no idea how to read a woman or when to keep their big mouths shut. It's surprising, but they're learning, I guess. There's still so much to learn about the everyday life of the everyday girl, but luckily, one Instagrammer is here to help. 

Sally Nixon is a heck of an artist, and over the course of a year, took time each day to draw something special, often depicting what life is like for the everyday woman. Of course, we put our own captions over top to keep things light, but there are so many ways you could take these master works of art, so SHAREwith your friends and see what they think! 

1. Invite all your friends over for an exciting night

2. Tell everyone you're on a diet when you're really just broke

3. Pretend to be deciding between your two favorite rom-coms when you know you're going to watch both and cry all night 

4. Tell everyone you're too busy to go out so you can sit alone in bed for some 'me' time

5. Act like it's not a big deal that you RUINED your nails AGAIN 

6. Wear sunglasses inside so you can both judge people without them seeing you and ensure they're not judging you eating McDonald's alone at 3 a.m.

7. Play it cool when you're actually ready at a reasonable time, but have to wait for your phone to charge 

8. The look you give when you hear another pair of best friends having a better time than you and your bestie 

9. When stupid guys hit on you, and you ask them to stop, and they actually do, so you just sit there craving attention

10. How you actually plan on cutting calories this summer 

11. Pretending you don't use your dog as the perfect cuddling/napping companion 

12. Despite the fact you live alone, you never feel all that lonely 

13. That look that crosses your face when you get another invitation on Facebook for a high school friend's stag and doe 

14. Consider taking a drink from this man because "It's free, after all." Don't. Just don't 

15. How you watch the news whenever something bad in the world happens

16. The side-eye you throw at your best friend when they take you somewhere you don't want to go 

h/t Instagram / @sallustration

Main and collage images via Instagram / @sallustration


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