Thursday, November 24, 2016

17 Boyfriends Who Definitely Aren't Getting Laid Tonight

Everyone knows that guys can be pretty stupid — even guys, who we've just established are pretty stupid, know this.

Unfortunately for women, when it comes to relationships, the stupidity of men tends to grow tenfold. So if you're a girl who's been pissed off at an idiotic boyfriend, or if you're a guy who's been confused about why your girlfriend is so pissed off, the next 17 images will definitely give you a laugh!

1. If you'd rather play with balls than have your balls played with, that's your choice

2. The boyfriend who replaced the toilet paper with a lint roller refill 

There are more tactful ways to tell a girl you like it hairless down there

3. The boyfriend who thought this would be hilarious to hide in the sock drawer 

R.I.P. man.

4. The boyfriend who thought that a terrible pun was a satisfactory birthday present 

Messing up a birthday gift might be forgivable, but Valentine's Day...

5. "Hey honey, I bought you a dozen roses"

Just a side note, if your girlfriend likes this present more than actual flowers, you should probably marry her.

6. The roses weren't your thing? Not to worry, he made you a beautiful dinner 

There's no stronger aphrodisiac than reformed breaded chicken!

7. He might have won this round, but she'll put a lock on something else if you know what I mean

It's going to be a very dry week.

8. Now that's just as low as low gets

They say men can't multitask as well as women, and the next picture definitely proves that point...

9. This boyfriend who thought he could multitask "cuddling" and gaming

10. This boyfriend who couldn't get food off the mind 

11. The disappointment is strong with this one

Tip: if you're going to buy her something that will piss her off, make sure it can't double as a weapon 

12. Apparently, a simple "I hit that" comment will ensure that you will not be hitting that for a long time to come

Also, nobody likes a bragger

Now, if there's one thing that turns all girls off, it's the proposition to enter a hole that she has made clear is off limits...

13. If she says no butt stuff, a fortune cookie isn't going to change her mind

14. This guy made the conscious choice not to get laid tonight...

Apparently, he didn't realize how much effort goes into prepping for an intimate night

That look says it all. 

If he's smart, he'll cancel whatever plans got.

15. Buying a girl a gift that insinuates it doesn't already smell like a rose down here is a sure way not to get laid 

16. If you're going to insult the pussy, you can sleep with the puppy

17. A girl may not always come out and say she's mad at you

But you should be able to take a hint...


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