Wednesday, November 23, 2016

20 Wedding Cakes That Would Bring Most Brides To Tears

The hardest part about planning my wedding has been finding my dream cake. As a foodie with a serious sweet tooth, I've been dreaming of what my wedding cake would look and taste like before I was dreaming about the man I'd share it with--sorry, dear. As a vegan bride on a budget, however, I knew finding the "perfect cake" would be challenging. After a lot of Googling, it became clear I wasn't the only one struggling to find their dream wedding cake. Even with dietary and budgetary decisions aside, it's not always as easy (or fun) as the movies make it seem. 

And then, once your cake is found, there's always the worry that someone will mess it up. 

Mess up a wedding cake? Who would dare?! It happens more than you'd probably like to know. The results are bad enough to send most brides into a major meltdown.

Here are perfect examples of what I'm talking about:

1. "Oh yes, this is exactly what we wanted."

2. "I can totally make my own wedding cake!"

3. "I always wanted a perfect Tiffany blue cake for my wedding."

4. "Oooh, yes I do think a little decorative dusting would look great."

5. "We'd like an exact replica of Mexico's beaches, please!"

6. Every little girl's dream wedding cake: a pile of white with what look like salt and pepper shakers as toppers.

7.  "We're open to suggestions."

This is why you shouldn't be. that jello?

8. "We stand here today to witness..."

9. And then there's always this to worry about.

10. "We want a nice spring-themed wedding cake, please."

11. "Oh two tiers is easy! How could anyone mess that up? Don't worry."

12. "So we had to make a few adjustments to the original plan, but we think you'll be even happier with this one."

Seriously? This is not okay.

13. Expectation meets reality on the wrong day.

14. Until death do us part...

15. This is not a DIY disaster. I repeat: this is not a DIY disaster.

16. "We'd like our tiers to look like presents."

Nailed it.

17. "We want a cake that really shows our personality."

18. "We want lots of intricate piping, please."

19. "Silver ribbons would be lovely!" 

Duct tape? Not so much.

20. As if requesting a tire cake was bad enough, this is what it looked like:

Something's not quite right.


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