Wednesday, November 23, 2016

32 Pictures That Definitely Require A Double Take

Most of us have experience seeing a familiar object where it doesn't exist at all. This phenomenon, known as pareidolia, seems to hit us when we least expect it. Sometimes peering up into the clouds can give us the impression that faces are passing above us. 

Check out this list of 19 pictures that may not be what you first think they are!

Get ready for it, because this list is full of double take moments! 

Maybe do some stretches or neck curls before scrolling. I'd hate to cause neck pain from the whiplash!

1. The pimple on this man's tattoo makes it look like a beautiful sunset. 

That's one way to see the silver lining about having a big whitehead on your forearm. 

2. The stain on this wood table looks like a dog taking in a sweet smell.

Yes, it's that specific. Doggo is definitely smelling leftover bacon and just basking in it cutely in hopes that his human will share. 

3. This salty cat found on the pavement made Reddit user ninethirteen913 do a double take. 

The tail even upturns like a real cat, dang. It's crazy how the salt stains just add to the effect, giving kitty a chin too.

4. The foam at the top of this coffee looks like the Andromeda galaxy. 

I'm not sure I could bring myself to drink it. Its celestial beauty is too perfect.

5. This psychedelic triple foam machine leak at the car wash.

6. The reflection on this building looks exactly like chromosomes. 

I am really, really curious about what is causing that pattern. Like, take a follow-up pic, Mr. Photographer. I need context!

7. This marshmallow that looks exactly like a finger. 

When you find a marshmallow that perfectly finger-shaped, you don't eat it. No, you dust it with a bit of whole wheat flour to give it some color, paint its "nail," and hide it in your brother's favorite cereal. 

8. This sloth that formed on a bamboo table. 

Cool as it is, I'm not sure I could handle having that sloth face staring at me every time I sat down to eat. Way too creepy.

9. This potato that looks like a person and has a perfectly formed eye and eyebrow.

I know the dimples on potatoes are already called "eyes," but this is taking things a bit too far. Peeling it would feel just so wrong. 

10.  This terrifying shadow was cast by this cute little dog. 

11. Somehow, the shadow cast by this towel looks like Donald Trump. 

Quick! Someone adjust that towel! Just a twitch of the fabric and maybe it could become Hitchcock instead. That's way less off-putting in the bathroom, right? Wait...

12. The paint cracking here makes it look exactly like a helicopter. 

It would be hard for me to not give into the temptation to peel just enough additional paint to complete the rotors. 

13. This tree that was trimmed to look like it is floating above the road. 

14. This strawberry is giving everyone a big thumbs up. 

I count only three fingers besides the thumb, so clearly this is a cartoon strawberry and is far too cute to be eaten. 

15. This paprika pepper that looks like a penguin. 

Say that three times fast! Paprika pepper penguin. Paprika pepper penguin! Paprika pepper penguin!

I didn't make it through the first try. Tongue twisters are hard!

16. This piece of sandpaper that looks a lot like a delicious steak. 

That's just unnerving. At least it would be tough to take a bite without noticing the truth. Could you imagine what it would feel like to swallow? Ouch!

17. This building alcove jam-packed with chairs.

How? What? Why?

18. This person's scab looks like a question mark. 

It's like the hand is asking its owner why they were so dumb to hurt it in the first place. "Just, like, why, man?"

19. This bizarre hand contortionist  

Can you figure out how this man does this? I think I know...

20. These two photos showing how different the weather conditions can be in Colorado in just 48 hours. 

21. This baby carrot that looks exactly like a tiny cowboy boot. 

DayGlo orange is the trendiest new color in the cowboy fashion business. Those cattle will see you coming a mile away!

22. This man's mind bending reflection

It totally looks like he's wearing that red dress! "Had to do a double-take on the tube today," wrote lolihull. 

23. The opening of this sock looks like a mouth yelling something. 

"Hey, you! You! I'm on the floor! Pick me up before the dog hides me away and you start blaming the dryer for it!"

24. This tree full of goats.

These goats are actually known as "the tree goats of Morocco" and are known to hop into the Argania tree because of their delicious fruit. 

25. This jet stream makes it look like water is falling from the sky to feed Yosemite Falls. 

Oh, so that'swhat contrails are... just kidding, they were clearly created by aliens in a vast conspiracy to drive us batty.

26. This burned out match looks exactly like a microphone on a stand. 

Throw a scarf on that bad boy and it'll work perfectly for a very tiny Steven Tyler. 

27. This dog who doesn't bark, but definitely "roofs."

28. This man who put his foot in his mouth. Literally.

I bet he's a fan of solefood.

29. This aerial shot of a tire dump that totally looks like a pile of black olives!

30. This cat gnawing on a metal post — or is something else happening here?

Yep definitely an illusion. The light colored top of the post made this illusion possible. 

31. I'll leave you with this bird that is sporting President Trump's iconic hairdo. 

Apparently for this bird, Trump is total #stylegoals. Do you think they use the same hair products?

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