Tuesday, November 22, 2016

8 Pictures That Show The Beauty Of Heterochromia

Heterochromia is the difference in the coloring of an individual's eyes, but also sometimes hair and skin. It happens when there is too much or too little melanin, which is what is responsible for the pigment in our skin, hair, and eyes. It can be genetic or caused disease or injury. 

It is also something that is incredibly beautiful to look at. In these pictures, you will see faces that are beautiful and a little disarming. 

Share any pictures with us that you have of yourself or someone you know with heterochromia! 

1. The colors of this husky's eyes are really intense. 

2. Look at this little sweetie! Don't you just want to cuddle her? 

3. They're opposites! But both very beautiful. 

4. His is more subtle, but still captivating. 

5. I think it's nice they found each other. 

6. The cutest best friend. 

7. This guy looks like he is trouble. Good thing he's cute! 

8. They look similar, don't you think?

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