Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm Sorry, Does That Bother You?

Every now and then, you'll come across some joker who's acting wild and making things difficult for everybody, but when you go and get them to shut up, they can't imagine what your problem could be. 

If they were causing trouble and told you off because they don't care how you feel about it, that'd be one thing. They're still being a jerk, but they're not ashamed of it and are pretty much challenging you to make them stop.

No, it's not enough that some people are being lame, but they apparently also need to insult your intelligence while they do it. Even though it's clear to people in the next state over what the problem is, they act so shocked when you tell them to knock it off.

Yeah, it's times like these where fighting petty with petty seems like the only option.

1. I have to admit I'm kinda conflicted about this.

If I were a cop, I really wouldn't want to bust a guy for enjoying his breakfast, but all he had to do was move his operation a few feet forward and he'd be fine. I'd love to be in the courtroom when this dude's charges came up, though. 

2. Ah yes, fit for a king.

I guess you've got to do somethingwhen it's Monday.

3. I can see this getting really ugly really fast.

How slow is your day when starting a fistfight seems like a good way to spice it up?

4. Yeah, it's time some folks learned what it's like on the other side of that one.

You'll know you've done it right if they spend a long time staring at a pond and asking themselves "what have I become?" 

5. You know, this never would have happened if they kept him on the Muppets like they're supposed to.

I'm just saying it's a lot easier dealing with a song about respecting people's property than dealing with a knife in your tires. 

6. Plus, you'll get another you to keep an eye on anyone else who's getting ideas.

I'm pretty sure that would trip anybody up.


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