Saturday, November 26, 2016

Meet The Fearless Women From The Most Diverse Lingerie Launch Ever

It's no secret that the lingerie world lacks diversity. 

Everywhere we look, we see the same basic beautiful clone plastered before us. This. Is. Sexy. 

Well, Curvy Kate Lingerie, a company known for providing boss lingerie to all body types, has decided to use their next line launch as an opportunity to boost body positivity and model diversity even more.  

The line is called Scantilly, and you can get the look starting this month! In the meantime, check out the campaign #TheNewSexy and share your thoughts in the comments.

#TheNewSexy campaign does more than simply feature different body types. 

"Challenging social ‘norms’, #TheNewSexy calls for women of all shapes, backgrounds and sizes to be represented in the media and looks to redefine how society views the word ‘sexy’." 

Curvy Kate doesn't feature professional models. Instead, they work with their own customers for the most authentic experience possible. 

Part of the campaign includes these real women sharing their real stories on the Curvy Kate blog. 

In this way, we develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty before us. 

This is Theresa. 

She started losing her hair to alopecia at just 15 years old. This is what she would tell her younger self: "I would have told myself to let go and embrace sooner. I hid my condition for years but if I could tell myself how happy and confident I am now with being bald then I would. I’d just say stop hiding it."

To Theresa, #TheNewSexy is: 

"The new sexy is freedom to be the person you are with all the things that you yourself would call faults even though they’re not. It’s all about people being able [to] show their differences."

This is Lotte.

After overcoming anxiety, Lotte has found a new kind of confidence. This is what she thinks of #TheNewSexy: “The new sexy is confidence –as long as you’re confident then that’s the sexiest thing isn’t it? If you’re comfortable in yourself and can appreciate other confident women then that’s the sexiest thing in the world.”

This is Gracie.

When asked what her greatest accomplishment is so far,she proudly said: "[It's] that I have just signed a contract with BBC to create a show surrounding the topic of Eating disorders, which is something I really struggled with and still do have disordered eating so it’s great to be able to speak about that on a global scale.”

This is Georgina.

This blogger's words of wisdom: “Confidence has to be learnt, not taught, and I know that sounds harsh but it has to be from within. If you’re struggling with confidence you need to sit down and think about all the things that you like about yourself. 

"What are the things that other people compliment you on? You can’t be like ‘I like my nose but I hate my ears’ you just need to say ‘I like my nose’, ‘I like that I’m funny’, ‘I like that I’m great at maths’, and then just work your way on that.”

"I was bullied quite a lot for being fat, and I was nothing compared to what I am now. I look back [at] photos and really I was just busty with a big bum and then big school shirts and skirts didn’t look great on me."

"When I went to college at 16 I tried to wear the same things as everyone else and tried to be fashionable but my body shape just wouldn’t allow it. I think I’d just like to tell myself to go with what I feel comfortable doing, what I feel comfortable wearing.”

This is Megan.

"Megan, who at her thinnest weighed just 4st 6lbs now encourages her followers to be happy with their bodies by posting bikini and ‘belly roll’ pictures of herself, proving recovery [from anorexia] is possible."

This is Joanne. 

She sees#TheNewSexy like this: "It’s Diversity and embracing everything. It’s not down to height, gender, colour or size anymore. It’s very much in the past been segregated between ‘this is plus-size’ and ‘this is fashion’ and that was it, there were just those two avenues. 

"I think now the industry is starting to embrace the fact that there so many different shapes and sizes. It’s about embracing what you have and being completely sexy and owning it."

This is Taylor. 

She was born with FFU (femur fibula ulna) syndrome (where you have a shortened femur, no knee cap, no ankle joint, and your two shin bones are fused together). After years of struggles with surgeries, she lost her right leg at just 11 years old. Recently, she had a fall and was told she likely won't be able to walk again without crutches. 

For her, these are the steps to gaining self-confidence and self-love: “Stop thinking about what you think are negatives and focus on the things that you believe to be positive about yourself and embrace them, even if they’re just the little things."

This is Effie.

Effie is transgender. She says, “Everybody has the right to feel ok with themselves and if the media show a wide range of women, you know different races, heights, sizes, ages and abilities then the girls looking at the models in the magazines and wishing to be them will feel way more at ease with who they are. 

"If they see someone who looks like them, they may be less likely to want to change.”

Effie's advice to people struggling with self-confidence is: “Talking to other people helps. Don’t keep it all bottled up...

"If you don’t talk about it you won’t get opinions, and you don’t necessarily have to listen to every opinion to people who care about you will give good advice.”

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