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This Woman Gained Weight From Sleep Walking And Eating

When it comes to the amount of food you can eat without putting on too many extra pounds, everyone is different. Some people seem to be able to shovel any amount of food into their mouths and stay skinny while others can't even have an extra snack during the week without adding to those pesky love handles. Let's just say that everyone's journey with their weight is different.

You might have a feeling that you are gaining WAY too much weight for the amount you are eating because you know your own body. One 20-year-old woman from Aberdeen, Scotland recently had this feeling and starting getting suspicious. In three university terms, she went from a size 10 to 16 for no apparent reason. She started doing some investigating and discovered an incredible reason for her weight gain that you won't believe. The source of her problem is actually one that many people experience difficulties with.

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Here is Kate Archibald, a young university student who just couldn't figure out how she was gaining so much weight.

Her roommates started getting mad at her because all of the food in the fridge seemed to be missing. She had no idea why they thought it was her. She insisted that she had nothing to do with it.

One morning she randomly woke up next to a bunch of chocolate wrappers and started to realize...

She had been sleepwalking during the night and eating enormous amounts of sweets, cheeses, and even peanuts (she's allergic to them!). 

Here is an additional piece of evidence of her nightly binges: an unfinished piece of cheese.

While this condition is particularly rare, sleep disorders themselves are extremely common and can contribute to a lot of interesting night-time behaviors.

One interesting problem that people have is sleep-talking. Luckily for Kate and her roommates, she wasn't sleep talking AND eating.

As with many sleep disorders, anxiety in one's life and even depression can carry over and mess up someone's sleep.

A sleep problem closely related to the sleep-walking is night-terrors.

This is a terrifying condition where children and sometimes adults experience nightmares and even intense physical struggling while asleep. 

Sleep paralysis is another horrifying condition for those who experience it.

This condition forces its sufferer awake in the middle of the night while also rendering them completely unable to move for a period of time. This locked-in state is understandably terrifying and can occur several times a night.

You may think that your girlfriend takes a lot of naps, but there is an actual sleep disorder where people sleep for days on end. It's called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

As you might expect, this sleep problem seems to primarily affect teenagers.

You might think that sleep is the time to recoup and recover from the stresses of the day, but it seems that it is equally important to take care of yourself during the day so that your sleep can be normal. As Kate's story shows, sleep has the potential to be affected in many odd and interesting ways!

Here is Kate describing her unusual condition!

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