Sunday, December 18, 2016

12 Warning Signs That Are Almost Always Ignored

For some of us, there's no better way to make us want to do something than to tell us not to. This was especially true when we were growing up and it seemed like every time we found something really cool, there was a parent or a sign telling us it was a bad idea.

No matter how good we tried to be, there were always a few times where the temptation was too great and we went for it anyway.

On some level, we had to have known that our forbidden adventures would only end with injuries, regrets, and disappointed looks. Still, we just couldn't help ourselves, and we were so sure that the results would be so cool that the consequences were totally worth it.

Sure, they often weren't and we often learned the hard way that the warnings were right. Yet even now, some of them just seem to be ruining our good time and we can't help but let our rebellious streak reignite once again.

Apparently, we're not alone either because redditors have been sharing their own examples of warning signs that nobody pays attention to.

Some of these 12 warnings will seem legitimate while others will come across as completely pointless, but all of them always seem to go unheeded.

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1. "Don't leave your assignment until the night before."

I once pulled three all-nighters, one after another, to finish three different essays, so I'm not certainly not going to judge you if you've struggled with this one.

2. "Viewer discretion is advised."

One redditor summed the problem with this warning up perfectly. "Just makes me want to watch it even more."

3. "Take a 15-minute break from the TV every hour."

Some of you may not have even heard of this one, but it can pop up sometimes when you're playing certain video games. 

4. "Heads up!"

Inevitably, you just end up turning towards whoever yelled it right before something socks you in the face.

This next one isn't a verbal warning but we've all learned to tune it out over the years.

5. Car alarms.

Noise pollution researchers in New York City estimated that 95-99% of car alarms there were falsely set off and people were more likely to want to find a way to stop the noise than look for potential car thieves.

6. "Do not insert swab into ear canal."

People may love to soothe itchy ears with these, but this will only damage the skin inside your ear canal, introduce harmful bacteria, or even puncture your ear drum.

7. "Wet Paint."

It seems some folks just can't resist touching it to be sure.

8. "Do not eat raw cookie dough." 

No matter how delicious it might seem, the raw eggs involved can put you at risk of salmonella and the raw flour puts you at risk of a strand of E. coli. 

This next one isn't quite so dangerous, but it's on the box nonetheless.

9. "Wait two minutes to cool before eating."

This warning usually appears on microwavable foods, and many folks find themselves either not bothering or simply not having the time to wait.

10. Anything that comes before "I agree" in a user license agreement.

As one user puts it, "They could be selling your soul to Satan and you'd never know."

11. "Restart your computer to install important updates."

This usually starts an endless chain of hitting "restart later." Of course, that's probably why some newer systems do it whether you're ready or not.

12. "Do not try this at home."

There's an entire backyard wrestling community that lives to defy this rule. As one redditor said, "People who are cautious won't bother trying anyways and thrill-seekers won't care."

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