Sunday, December 4, 2016

14 Awesome DIYs Made With Drinking Straws

Time for a trip to the dollar store, because I need to raid their party supplies for drinking straws! Who knew there were so many uses for them besides enjoying a tasty beverage or firing spit balls? 

1. Turn a tin can into a vase.

By taping colorful straws around a can, you can create a really cute home for fresh cut flowers. 

2. Make simple ornaments.

By changing up the color of your straws, you can make these little stars to suit any occasion. They'd look great on a Christmas tree!

3. String together some with a needle for a playful garland.

4. Go geometric and gold.

No one would ever guess that this intricate star was made of gold-painted plastic straws!

5. Keep some in your art kit.

Straws make great painting supplies. You can blow drips of paint, or use them as a stamp to create these fireworks. Kids will love this little project, especially around July 4th!

6. Patience is rewarded with a fun pendant light.

This would be great in the kids' room, or you could spray paint it to match any space.

7. Twist into flowers.

These cute daisies can be displayed in a bouquet as pictured, or used to decorate all sorts of other DIY projects. They'd be cute as toppers on spring cupcakes, or pins for a cork board!

8. Or use A LOT of straws for bigger blooms!

9. Keep it simple with a rose.

It only takes a bit of folding and twisting to make a rose from a single straw. 

10. Turn them into bling.

Without a careful closeup, no one would guess your statement necklace was made of straws, and your neck won't hurt from bearing the weight of real metal.

11. Go flirty with an angled cut.

These necklaces let the soft pastel straws stay in the spotlight. 

12. Weave into baskets or coasters.

It'll take a bit of practice, but once you've mastered the weaving technique, you'll be using it for everything!

13. Make a sunburst mirror frame.

This can be used as decor on its own, or put around a mirror or photos. 

14. Fill your room with fireworks.

I love this modern light feature. A similar look could cost you hundreds of dollars at the store. 

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