Tuesday, December 13, 2016

14 Princess-Inspired Crafts To Bring Out Kids’ Inner Royalty

Girl or boy, kid or grown-up, we all sometimes want to feel like a pretty princess, and to me, nothing says "princess" like glitter and bright, happy colors. I've collected a bunch of fun and easy crafts for you or your children to bring out that little bit of royalty inside all of us.

1. Every princess needs GLITTER!

You don't need to buy every color of glitter at the local craft store. Instead, make your own using just food coloring and Epsom salts. Mix 'em together and let the princess-perfect glitter dry completely before using.

2. Make some fairy play dough.

Skip the store-bought and get your kids to help you make their own, non-toxic play dough. With a bit of pink food coloring and glitter mixed in, it will be fit for a fairy princess.

3. Princess Slime!

Just because a princess likes glitter and crowns, doesn't mean she can't also like slime! Mix up some with glitter and royal colors!

4. Collect buttons and create your favorite Disney Princess.

How cute are these? With an old frame, a bit of paint, and a lot of buttons, you can chart the whole history of Disney through its Princesses.

5. Make princess ornaments for the tree.

Get yourself some cheap, clear ornaments, a bunch of paint, sequins (and of course, glitter!), and go to town making one for each Disney Princess. 

6. Make glittery ocean soap for your Little Mermaids.

Kids will be happy to lather up if it means freeing their ocean-dwelling friends from the inside of the soap bar.

7. Princess marshmallow pops.

These are a super cute treat for a princess-themed party. I particularly love the clever use of the cupcake liners to make skirts.

8. Pearls of wisdom.

This pretty pearl crown would look gorgeous in a nursery.

9. Glittery, romantic votives.

Old mason jars can light up a princess' life with a bit of masking tape and a ton of — you guessed it — glitter. This would be a fantastic nightlight if you used an electric candle.

10. Make dishwasher-safe glitter mugs.

The secret? Lots of mod podge to seal that glitter in tightly!

11. Use lace and a microwave to make beautiful crowns.

Soak some lace in fabric stiffener and microwave until it's hard. Then you can paint and decorate your fancy new crown as you wish!

12. A hairbrush fit for Rapunzel.

Any old hairbrush can become glamorous with glue and rhinestones!

13. Bags inspired by Disney Princesses.

These lovely creations are simply reusable shopping bags in the right colors, embellished to match the princesses. How clever is that?

14. Let the princess fight her own battles.

Who says only a prince can slay a dragon? These fun little guys are made from toilet paper rolls, and they breathe (paper) fire! 


Sometimes everyone — and I mean everyone— wants to feel like a princess! Tell us in the COMMENTSwhich project you're going to try!


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