Tuesday, December 13, 2016

15 Parents Who Get No Regard From Their Kids

I babysat once as a teenager, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The kids were so annoying and didn't listen and when they did hear me, they would do the exact opposite of what I said. However, I left that day having a whole new respect for my parents. 

And also for how good of a kid I was. 

These kids — while not all horrible — don't all seem that great. 

Check out these 15 kids who are kind of total brats. 

1. Rollercoasters are cool! 

Dang kids. 

2. Keep your mom's secrets, Angelica. 

3. Looks like these kids straight up murdered their parents. 

4. My mother would be devastated if I did this to her nativity. 

Which is exactly why I am going to do it, MUAHAHAH

5. Who cares about family heirlooms? 

6. Make yourself look like an idiot! 

I'm sure it isn't like your parents tried to raise you to be a gentleman. 

7. Imagine the shame you would bring your family when you're asked to smile and you give the duck face.

8. He doesn't want your love! 

9. "Son, wash your hands first!" 

Pop-pop didn't raise an animal. 

10. "Well, don't touch Daddy's things, then."

11. I also do not miss you at all. 

12. Her goal in life is to make everything as difficult as possible. 

13. Your parents buy you crustless bread and you still eat around the outside?! 

14. This would be next-level embarrassing. 

15. It's the little things that matter. 


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